Mark Jameson, 85

Jameson, aged 85

Mark Jameson, middle age

Jameson reduced to middle-aged appearance

Mark Jameson, teenager

Jameson regressed to a teenager

Mark Jameson (portrayed by Clayton Rohner) was a Starfleet admiral that appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Appearing in the first season episode Too Short A Season, the admiral was called upon to settle a hostage situation on the planet Mordan IV. Jameson had previously conducted negotiations there 40 years prior and wished to put an end to a dispute between himself and one of Mordan's regional governors, Karnas.

Two years before taking up this mission, the aged and sickly Admiral Jameson had visited the planet Cerberus II where he had acquired an experimental compound that could reverse the aging process. Over steady self-administration, the admiral slowed his aging process and the progress of the disease that had left him wheelchair-bound. When called upon for the Mordan mission, Jameson was escorted there by the Enterprise-D. He decided he wanted to confront Karnas in person and in his prime, so he took the full two doses of the Cerberus drug. This caused him to rapidly grow younger and cured his Iverson's disease, allowing him to walk again. He soon regressed to a middle-aged state, but the regression did not stop there and it continued until he had been reduced to a teenage state. The young-again Jameson attempted to lead a raid into Karnas's stronghold to free the hostages, but the drug's effects began to debilitate him, causing his body to regress so much that his organs were practically imploding. In the end, Jameson met with Karnas face-to-face alongside Captain Picard. At first Karnas did not believe that the young man before him was Jameson, but Jameson showed him the scar Karnas had inflicted upon him when they first fought. The drug's effects took their toll on Jameson's body and he died in the arms of his wife Annie.

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