Max Reed is the secondary protagonist of the Guyver live-action film. A detective working for the CIA, Max is conducting an investigation into the activities of the Chronos Corporation. He is portrayed by Mark Hamill.


During the film, CIA detective Reed is investigating a series of mysterious crimes which he believes are connected to the elusive Chronos Corporation. His investigation does not go well as he is repeatedly blocked by his superiors, who insist that Chronos have nothing to do with any of these unusual crimes. What Max doesn't know is that there are members of the CIA on Chronos' payroll who are intentionally trying to stop him from revealing the company's illegal genetic research.

After discovering the body of Dr. Tetsu Segawa, Max informs the doctor's daughter Mizky of her father's fate. From then on, he keeps close tabs on her and her boyfriend Sean Barker in the certainty that they might lead him to the Guyver, an alien device that was stolen from Chronos by Dr. Segawa before his death.

Both Sean and Max intrude upon Chronos' attempted kidnapping of Mizky and try to save her, with Sean revealing himself as being the host of the Guyver. He fights against Lisker and the Zoanoids, but his lack of combat skill leads to him getting killed and both Mizky and Max getting captured.



After being captured by Chronos, Max is placed inside a Zoanoid processing tube. When Sean is resurrected by the Guyver's control medal, he attacks the Zoanoids in the Chronos lab and frees Max. However, Max had already been partially processed and begins transforming into a hideous insect-like creature. The transformation is incomplete and the pain is too much for Max. Before he dies, he begs Sean to stop Chronos' schemes and make sure no one else has to suffer his fate.

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