Mila was an elderly Cardassian woman who appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine near the end of the seventh season. She was portrayed by Julianna McCarthy.

Mila was the housekeeper and trusted confidante of Enabran Tain, former head of the Obsidian Order. After Tain had died and with his son Garak still exiled from Cardassia, she was left alone in their old house. She would be reunited with Garak briefly during the final days of the Dominion War when Garak, along with Bajoran colonel Kira Nerys and deposed Cardassian leader Damar, came to her looking for shelter. The fugitives remained in hiding in Mila's cellar, continuing their plans to liberate Cardassia from the Dominion, with Mila providing them food and tools.


In the episode "What You Leave Behind, Part One", the Dominion discovered Damar's hiding place. A group of Jem'Hadar troops came calling and when Mila answered the door, they pushed her down the stairwell and she presumably broke her neck as she fell.

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