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This article lists the multiple background character deaths that occur in the animated film Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge.

  • The film opens to Satoshi Hasashi watching a swarm of ants overwhelming a scorpion. The arachnid fights back, killing countless ants as they attempt to smother it.
  • Hanzo and Satoshi return to the Shirai Ryu village to find it deserted. They are then ambushed by a Lin Kuei assassin who attacks with a knife. Hanzo shields himself with a basket lid before seizing the assassin's knife and stabbing him in the head with it.
  • A second Lin Kuei assassin attacks Hanzo with a chain and sickle from behind, but Hanzo lifts the attacker up and over him, slamming him to the ground before stabbing him with his own weapon.
  • A third Lin Kuei attacks Hanzo, but is killed when Hanzo stabs him through the cheek.
  • A fourth Lin Kuei charges at Hanzo with a sword, but Hanzo dodges, kicks the assassin and spins him around before planting the first attacker's knife in his chest.
  • Hanzo and his son take cover from their pursuers inside a house. Inside are four Shirai Ryu guards, all brutally murdered.
  • Inside the Shirai Ryu's main temple, Hanzo discovers the body of his wife Harumi. Driven into a vengeful rage, he grabs a sickle from a Lin Kuei warrior that attacks him and proceeds to savagely chop up both him and another attacker.
  • Seven more Lin Kuei enter the temple, all of whom are mercilessly hacked to bits by Hanzo while his terrified son watches.
  • Hanzo runs into a corridor where he proceeds to slay another eight Lin Kuei assassins.
  • A Lin Kuei manages to stab Hanzo from behind with a naginata, but Hanzo survives and retaliates with his katana.
  • Consumed by rage and bloodlust, Hanzo kills the five remaining Lin Kuei in the temple. He soon snaps out of his blood haze to find that he has killed several more enemies after running outside, finding himself on a bridge overlooking a stream that has turned red with his enemies' blood.
  • Following his death, Hanzo awakens in the Netherrealm where his soul is to suffer for eternity. He finds himself held in place by chains with blades anchoring his arms and legs. As a demon begins torturing him, Hanzo whispers to himself. The demon leans in to listen only for Hanzo to bite off his ear. Through sheer force of will, Hanzo frees himself from the blades binding him, seizing a sword among the torturer's selection of instruments and uses it to cleave the demon in half.
  • Hanzo's killing of the torturer attracts the attention of countless demons. One warns him that there are thousands he will have to face, but Hanzo silences him when he uses one of the bladed chains that bound him to decapitate the creature.
  • Hanzo arrives at Quan Chi's throne, throwing the severed head of a demon to the sorcerer's feet. It is unknown how many demons he killed to get there.
  • Raiden, Liu Kang, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage arrive in the banquet hall of Shang Tsung's palace where they witness several attendees feasting, some eating live food.
  • As Shang Tsung explains the purpose of the Mortal Kombat tournament to the attendees, he also shows them a vision of his own victory against Liu Kang's ancestor, the Great Kung Lao.
  • Scorpion sneaks into the palace where he finds two guards standing in front of a statue of Shao Kahn, emperor of Outworld. He kills the guards by throwing his signature harpoon chain through through their heads.
  • When the tournament begins, Johnny Cage is pitted against a vicious Tarkatan warrior. Their battle takes place in an old, abandoned fortress. Johnny, still not convinced that the tournament is real, believes that his opponent is actually an actor in a monster costume. The Tarkatan fighter attacks Johnny using the blades extending from his arms. However, as the blades scrape against the stone walls and floors, they create sparks that set fire to the old, dry wooden furniture and barrels in the building. Having noticed earlier that the barrels were filled with gunpowder, Johnny runs outside and jumps from a ledge, plummeting into the nearby forest. The Tarkatan, meanwhile, is killed when the gunpowder barrels explode.
  • In the forest surrounding Shang Tsung's palace, Scorpion attacks a Lin Kuei clansman, demanding to know where Sub-Zero is. The Lin Kuei refuses to talk, and so Scorpion beheads him.
  • Within the palace, Shang Tsung, Raiden and Quan Chi watch a magical table map displaying the whereabouts of each competitor. Several of the holograms representing contenders vanish, indicating their deaths.
  • Sonya, Johnny and Liu Kang encounter Scorpion in the forest, right in the midst of brutally slaying a band of Black Dragon mercenaries.
  • A Black Dragon goon spies on Liu Kang, Johnny and Sonya before suddenly being hoisted out of sight by Scorpion and presumably killed.
  • Disguised in Black Dragon armour, Scorpion infiltrates the group that surrounds Johnny, Sonya and Liu Kang. He spears three Black Dragon mercenaries through their heads with one throw of his chain, ripping their heads off along with their spinal cords.
  • Scorpion teleports out of the Black Dragons' line of fire, attacking two more of them and hacking them to bits.
  • Sonya pulls Johnny out of the line of fire and grabs an assault rifle from one of the fallen Black Dragon thugs, gunning down three more of them.
  • Liu Kang beats down several Black Dragon thugs with a variety of different moves. Confirmed kills among the thugs are one who is used as a shield from gunfire, one who has his faced smashed in, one who has an arm ripped off and one who has his head taken off with an uppercut punch.
  • Kano brandishes two assault rifles and attempts to shoot Scorpion, but the spectral ninja teleports away and two Black Dragons end up getting shot.
  • As Sonya is about to be killed by a horde of monsters, Johnny comes to her rescue, beating down one monster and cracking its skull with a swift kick.
  • Kano begins to worry as he watches Johnny and Sonya beat down several monsters in order to get to him.