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The Movie Morgue is a database compiling movie characters that have died and the circumstances behind their deaths. Deaths featured in any film or TV show are welcome, whether they be tragic or hilarious, subtle or violent, epic or just plain meaningless. So come on down and rack up the bodies! Be warned, though... This wiki is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.


  1. Character deaths from any theatrical movie, TV movie, stream service movie or direct-to-DVD movie may be included.
  2. Certain television shows may also be included, particularly ones with high body counts.
  3. Content from media formats other than those mentioned above are not eligible.
  4. Deaths from films which are still showing in cinemas are not permitted. They must have a DVD release or be available on a streaming service before they are eligible for the Movie Morgue.
  5. No fanon content. All content must originate from an official source.
  6. SPOILERS AHEAD! This wiki is nothing but spoilers, so if you don't want to ruin a movie you haven't seen yet, you're in the wrong place. :P

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