Mufasa is the king of the Pridelands and the father of Simba in Disney's animated film The Lion King. A wise and benevolent lion, Mufasa (voiced by James Earl Jones) is loved and revered by all his subjects, save for his jealous brother Scar. Scar plots to kill Mufasa and sets up his nephew Simba to take the blame for the king's death. He arranges for his hyena cohorts to cause a wildebeest stampede, and tells Simba to wait in a gorge for his father and practice his roar. As Simba practices his roar, the hyenas send the wildebeest herd charging into the gorge, making Simba believe he caused the stampede. Mufasa arrives at the gorge to rescue his son and almost gets run down by the wildebeest, but manages to leap on to a cliff face and struggles to climb up. Scar sits atop the ledge as Mufasa begs him to help, then grasps his brother's paws with his claws. Scar utters "Long live the king" before casting Mufasa down into the gorge, who screams out as he falls into the charging wildebeest herd.
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