Mujuro Utsutsu
Mujuro Utsutsu is a blind swordsman and one of the Devils of Kimon from Ninja Scroll.

Japanese voice: Norio Wakamoto

English voice: Kirk Thornton


He is an incredibly skilled swordsman, having an uncanny hearing ability to engage his enemy as well as blind them by reflecting sunlight from his sword. He also possesses unnatural strength, as he was able to support Jubei and Kagero while they were scaling a cliff, simply from holding Jubei's sword. He challenges Jubei to a fight to the death and Jubei lures him into a bamboo forest hoping to exploit his blindness.


During the fight, Kagero tries to attack Mujuro from behind but ends up impaling her dagger into a tree. Mujuro overwhelms Jubei but his downward strike hits Kagero's blade and Jubei stabs him in the heart. Oblivious to what has happened, Mujuro dies wondering how Jubei was able to block his attack and stab him at the same time.

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