Mushizo is one of the Eight Devils of Kimon from the animated film Ninja Scroll.

Japanese voice: Reizō Nomoto

English voice: Milton James


Mushizo is a squat, deformed man with a hump upon his back. This hump is actually a hive, home to countless wasps that Mushizo can control telepathically. As Jubei, Dakuan and Kagero move on from Shimoda Village, Mushizo attacks with a massive swarm of wasps. Kagero holds off the swarm with a wave of anaesthetic pollen while Jubei confronts Mushizo inside a watermill. Mushizo chases Jubei outside again with yet another swarm of wasps and Jubei takes cover in a nearby stream. Believing that Jubei has tried to swim away, Mushizo perches on a tree branch unaware that Jubei is actually waiting right below him beneath the water.


Jubei unleashes his Wind Slash technique and severs the tree branch that Mushizo is on (as well as severing Mushizo's leg). Mushizo plunges into the stream which causes the wasps within his body to frantically sting him as they try to escape. Mushizo dies as he is stung countless times from the inside out.

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