N'Vek was an officer aboard the Romulan warbird Khazara in the Star Trek: TNG episode "Face Of The Enemy". He was portrayed by Scott MacDonald.

N'Vek was a member of a Romulan dissident movement established by Federation ambassador Spock and was attempting to smuggle a Proconsul of the Romulan Senate who supported the movement into Federation space. In order to facilitate the operation. he arranged for Counselor Deanna Troi of the USS Enterprise-D to be abducted and surgically altered to appear Romulan. Assuming the identity of a Tal Shiar operative, Troi was to oversee the Khazara's transfer of several cargo pods to a Corvallen freighter. The plan fell apart when Troi sensed that the Corvallen captain intended to go back on the arrangement and so N'Vek had the freighter destroyed in order to maintain their cover. However, the Khazara's captain Toreth was distrustful of Tal Shiar operatives and suspicious of "Major Korval", Troi's false identity.

Later in the episode, the Khazara encountered the Enterprise while under cloak. N'Vek helped Troi to establish communications with the Enterprise and make it appear to Commander Toreth that they were planning to destroy the Starfleet ship. The Khazara decloaked briefly and fired a low-yield disruptor beam, causing no damage to the Enterprise. When opening fire, N'Vek used the false attack as a cover to beam over the Proconsul in the cargo bay to the Enterprise. At this point, Toreth became aware of N'Vek's treachery and shot him with her disruptor, vaporising him. Troi, however, was rescued by the Enterprise when they beamed her over just as the Khazara re-engaged its cloak.

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