Nog (mirror)
Nog (portrayed by Aron Eisenberg) is a young Ferengi who appears as a regular guest character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Whereas the "Prime universe" Nog befriended Jake Sisko and joined Starfleet, his counterpart from the Mirror universe was still as selfish and greedy as any other typical Ferengi. Following the deaths of his father and uncle, Nog inherited Quark's bar on Terok Nor. For a time, his business prospered while Terok Nor was under the control of the Terran Rebellion, but in the episode "Shattered Mirror", he freed the captive Intendant Kira Nerys and helped her escape. As the two made their way to an escape craft, Nerys took Nog's phaser from him and shot him, thereby killing his entire family.
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