Noskov is a Hyper-Zoanoid that appears in the Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor TV series and is partnered with fellow Hyper-Zoanoid Myumelzee. Both possess powerful sound-based attacks and are dispatched by Richard Guyot to capture Sho Fukamachi. At first they have the upper hand, but in the heat of battle Sho discovers the Guyver's Sonic Buster weapon, shattering Noskov's Sonic Eraser attack and destroying Myumelzee. Noskov loses an arm in the blast and falls back, but is ordered by Guyot to capture the nearby Mizuki Segawa and take her hostage. Noskov snatches Mizuki and Guyver I goes after them, but Noskov is suddenly ambushed by the shadowy figure of Guyver III, who impales Noskov in the back with his hand and rips out the creature's spine.

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