Odan's male host

Odan Symbiont

The real Odan, a Trill symbiont

472px-Odan in Riker

Will Riker acts as a temporary host for Odan

468px-Kareel Odan

Kareel, Odan's new female host

Odan is a Trill ambassador that appears in the Star Trek: TNG episode "The Host". His is the first Trill character to appear in the Star Trek franchise. The Trill are a race of parasitic life-forms that dwell within willing humanoid hosts.


Odan arrives aboard the Enterprise-D in order to mediate a dispute between the two moons of the planet Peliar Zel. During his stay, he becomes infatuated with chief medical officer Dr. Beverly Crusher. The two quickly develop feelings for one another, but when the time comes for the negotiation, Odan's host body (portrayed by Franc Luz) is mortally wounded when his shuttlecraft is attacked by Beta Moon radicals. Odan is taken back to the Enterprise where the true nature of his race is revealed. The host body dies from his wounds while the Odan symbiont is removed and temporarily implanted into Commander William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) until another host arrives from the Trill homeworld. Two days later, after the negotiations between the two moons are settled, the new host - a female called Kareel (portrayed by Nicole Orth-Pallavicini) - arrives aboard the Enterprise and accepts Odan.

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