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Optimus Prime is the leader of the heroic Autobots in the live-action Transformers movies directed by Michael Bay. Like his other incarnations, this version of Optimus is unwaveringly noble and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety of others. At the same time, however, this version of Prime is also a ferocious warrior who gives no quarter to Decepticon foes who would bring harm to those he has sworn to defend.

This incarnation of Optimus Prime is once again voiced by Peter Cullen.

Death and rebirth

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Optimus Prime was lured into a trap set by his resurrected foe Megatron, who had abducted the human boy Sam Witwicky and used him as bait. When Bumblebee and Optimus attacked the factory, Sam fled into the woods with Optimus while Mikaela and Sam's classmate Leo drove the other way. The Decepticons pursued but Optimus did his best to protect the fleeing humans. He fought three Decepticons at once and even slew one, but was grievously wounded. Megatron dealt the killing blow by impaling Optimus through the back and then extinguishing his spark with his cannon.

Although Prime had fallen, the Autobots and NEST safeguarded his body until Sam could find the ancient Matrix of Leadership, a relic capable of reigniting a Transformer's spark. Sam found it and used it to bring Optimus back. Optimus was able to fully repair himself after taking parts from the elderly Transformer Jetfire. With his new power, Optimus made short work of Megatron and slew The Fallen.

All of the following films contain instances where Optimus could have died but didn't. In Dark of the Moon, a shuttle he and his Autobots are inside is blown up by Starscream, but they move to the exhaust tanks and land safely in the ocean. In Age of Extinction, an attack from Cemetery Wind leaves Optimus in vehicle paralysis until he is repaired by Cade Yeager, and in The Last Knight, his rocket boots run out of fuel and he passes out in the middle of space. His armour is painted grey with space dust as time passes (before Quintessa finds him).