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Oswald A. Lisker is an antagonistic character from the anime/manga series, Guyver. An agent of the Chronos Corporation, Lisker was sent to the company's Japan branch to oversee the retrieval and analysis of the Guyver units: three alien bio-weapons of limitless destructive power. As Lisker inspected the one recovered unit, it suddenly activated and bonded with him. Now wielding the symbiotic armour, Lisker decided that he was ideal for tracking down the other lost Guyvers. He would track down Sho Fukamachi, a high school student who had accidentally discovered the first Guyver unit and bonded with it. Lisker challenged Sho to battle, intent on taking his body back to Chronos. The two Guyvers duelled but it seemed that Lisker had the advantage since he had had military training. However, the unit he had activated was damaged and his control mechanism began malfunctioning, allowing Sho to defeat him.

The Guyver (12-part OVA)

In the 1990 12-part Guyver series, Lisker was defeated in the second episode. As his control medal surged, Sho punched him hard in the head and knocked the control medal out of its socket. Without the control medal, Guyver II began to overload and devour its host alive. As Lisker began to rapidly deteriorate, Guyver I opened up his chestplate and fired his Mega-Smasher, obliterating Lisker completely.

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (2005 TV series)

In the 26-episode anime series, Lisker still dies in much the same way as he does in the old series. The differences in this case are that he doesn't die until the eighth episode during the destruction of Chronos Japan. Also, when his armour begins to consume him, Sho doesn't finish him off with the Mega-Smasher and instead just lets him melt.

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