Pac-Man is the name of Jarko Grimwood's pet dog in Blade: Trinity. He is a Pomeranian that has been genetically altered after being infused with the vampire genome, taking on certain vampiric traits. Like the Reapers from Blade II, Pac-Man's mouth opens up into a triangular maw with a tube-shaped tongue that extracts blood from prey.

When Hannibal King was captured by Drake, he awoke in Danica Talos' lair with Pac-Man licking his face. When he woke up, King was horrified to see the dog's mouth stretch open into a hideous maw.

Later, when Blade and Abigail Whistler freed him, King would run into Pac-Man again, as well as two Rottweilers that had also been mutated with vampire genes. The dogs chased after King but King ran towards a window. As the dogs closed in, King jumped and grabbed hold of a metal pipe above the window. Pac-Man and the other dogs tried to stop but slid across the polished tile floor and smashed through the window, plummeting several storeys to their deaths.

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