The Hyper-Zoanoid Panadyne appears in the Guyver TV series' 9th episode, Ashes and Memories. A demolition-class Zoanoid, Panadyne can produce two fluids within his body that react when combined, producing a powerful explosion. These fluids are discharged from organic turrets growing from his shoulders. He can also slice enemies apart with the boney whips growing out of his back.

Panadyne attacks Sho Fukamachi in his own home, destroying the house and threatening the entire neighbourhood. Sho bio-boosts to fight Panadyne and tries to lure the Hyper-Zoanoid away from any civilians. Panadyne pursues and is ambushed by Masaki Murakami, who helps Sho by shooting at Panadyne with his custom "Zoanoid Buster" Magnum. After blowing off one of Panadyne's arms, Sho finishes off the Zoanoid with his Sonic Buster.

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