Parem was a Romulan officer that appeared in the Star Trek: TNG episode "The Next Phase". His scout ship was damaged while testing an experimental phase-cloak generator, a device that would render a ship both invisible and intangible. Parem was accidentally phased in the accident and suspected to be dead by his crew. Both Geordi La Forge and Ro Laren of the Enterprise were also phased after being contaminated by chroniton particles leaking from the interphase generator then attempting to transport back to the Enterprise. While stuck in a phased state, Ro and Geordi attempted frantically to make their crewmates aware of their situation and of the Romulans' new interphase technology. Parem became aware of the two and their attempts to warn the Enterprise crew, deciding to kill them. He carried a disruptor that still worked after he was phased and pursued Ro and La Forge through the Enterprise. Parem was killed when Geordi shoved him through an outer wall and into space.

Parem was portrayed by Brian Cousins.

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