Season two patricia
Patricia (portrayed by Jane McNeill) was a minor character in the second season of The Walking Dead. She and her husband Otis worked as farm hands for Hershel Greene and Patricia even assisted Hershel with his veterinary surgeries. As the zombie apocalypse took place, both Patricia and Otis were working on the Greene Farm and never went home as their town had been overrun by walkers.

Throughout Season 2, Patricia helps out around the Greene household and farm, assisting Hershel with his clinical work and tending to the animals on the farm. Before Rick's group put down the zombies in the barn, she even fed them live chickens that she crippled in order to stop them struggling.


In the episode "Beside the Dying Fire", Patricia tries to flee along with the others as the farm is overrun by a herd of zombies. Beth tries to lead her away to one of the vehicles but a walker seizes Patricia from behind and bites her neck. Beth struggles to pull Patricia free but more walkers appear and start eating her, and so Beth is forced to let go and leave Patricia to be devoured.

It is unknown if Patricia reanimated after being killed.

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