Dr. Peter Silberman is a minor character that appears in the first three Terminator films. A criminal psychologist/psychiatrist by trade, Silberman can be narrow-minded and condescending, as evidenced by his conversation with Kyle Reese in the first film and his patronising attitude toward Sarah Connor in T2. He was portrayed by Earl Boen in all three film appearances.


The Terminator

Dr. Silberman is brought in by the LAPD to question Kyle Reese following his arrest. Kyle tells his story to the doctor and Silberman is not inclined to believe a word he says, thinking that the story has been concocted in such a manner that it doesn't require any evidence. He even contemplates the idea of making a career out of Kyle's story. In the end, he deems Kyle to be insane and calls it a night, not aware of the Terminator entering the police station just as he leaves.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

In the second film, Silberman is treating Sarah Connor while she is locked up in Pescadero Psychiatric Hospital. He repeatedly tries to convince Sarah that her fears of an imminent nuclear apocalypse are simply a delusion, and suffers several assaults from Sarah in the process. Despite Kyle's former story regarding the future and seeing pictures of a man in sunglasses and leather jacket matching photos of the figure who attacked the police station in the first film, Silberman still doesn't take any stock in Sarah's warnings. It is not until John and his T-800 guardian arrive to rescue Sarah that he begins to think otherwise. As the Connors flee, the T-1000 pursuing them steps through a set of bars, its fluidic body seeping through the gaps. Silberman is shocked by this image and it haunts him for years to come.

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

Silberman makes a brief appearance working with the police as a counselor. When the police surround Victorville Cemetery, Kate Brewster manages to get away from John and his Terminator guardian, running toward an ambulance amidst the blockade. Silberman tries to calm Kate down and tells her he understands the feelings she's experiencing, going on to mutter to himself as he recalls past events. When the Terminator emerges from the crypt carrying a vulkan cannon in one arm and a coffin over his shoulder, Silberman recognises him (since all of the T-800's seem to look identical). Silberman panics and runs for his life, never to be seen again.


Although not shown in T3, the film's script included an extended scene where Dr. Silberman dies as SkyNet launches its nuclear attack, realising only moments before he is vaporised that he was completely wrong about Kyle and Sarah.

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