Peyton Wells is a member of the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad of the Raccoon City Police in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. He is portrayed by Razaaq Adoti.

Peyton possesses a strong will to fight for justice and to protect the innocent, and it is this quality that keeps him in Raccoon City as the town is ravaged by the T-virus outbreak. He is aiding civilians leaving the city at the Raven's Gate Bridge when he responds to a crying young woman whose father is ill. The man collapses from an apparent heart attack, but he has in fact succumbed to T-virus infection. The infected man suddenly bites Peyton's leg, passing the infection on to him before Jill Valentine shoots the zombie in the head.

After Umbrella seal off the Raven's Gate exit, their troops fire on the crowd to make them disperse and return to the zombie-infested streets. Peyton, Jill and Terri Morales take refuge in a church, but are attacked by Lickers. They are saved by the timely arrival of Alice, who dispatches the Lickers and tries to lead them to safety. Peyton is showing the early symptoms of infection by this point and Alice warns Peyton that he will eventually turn into a zombie and that Jill ought to kill him now before its too late. Jill refuses to kill Peyton unless he does indeed turn, not before.

The survivors are later contacted by Umbrella scientist Dr. Charles Ashford, who hacks into the city's surveillance and phone networks to track the survivors and talk to them via the city's payphones. Alice and co. decide to find Ashford's daughter, who is hiding out at her school, but as they make their way through the devastated streets, the group are ambushed by Umbrella's new bio-weapon commando, Nemesis. Peyton is mowed down by Nemesis' minigun, however, his body is reanimated by the T-virus running through his veins. While Alice lures Nemesis away, Jill and Terri try to hotwire a car to drive to Angela Ashford's school. Just as Jill gets the car running, the zombified Peyton suddenly appears and lunges at her. Jill lives up to her word and shoots Peyton in the head, killing him permanently.

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