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Preedex Yoa - more commonly known as Preed - is a major secondary antagonist in Titan A.E.. He is a member of the Akremian race, known for their aggressive bartering techniques and their inability to dream. Preed serves as first mate of the starship Valkyrie under Joseph Korso. He is voiced by Nathan Lane.


Preed appears as the first mate of the Valkyrie, joining Korso in his mission to find Cale Tucker and the Titan, a ship capable of creating planets. Unlike the rest of the Valkyrie crew, Preed was in on Korso's true motive: to destroy the Titan and collect on a massive bounty that the Drej were offering.

After the Titan's location was discovered, the Valkyrie crew set their course for the Ice Rings of Tegrin. Gune and Stith were unaware of Korso and Preed's true plan, but they began to question their captain's decisions and Preed saw fit to take them out of the picture after they reached the Titan. Preed gave Stith a wrist communicator and left her and Gune to safeguard the Valkyrie. The communicator was actually a bomb, but Gune caught on after hearing the device ticking away and threw it down the docking corridor. Neither Stith nor Gune were killed, although Gune was knocked out.


As Korso held Cale and Akima at gunpoint, Preed raised his sidearm to his captain's head. As it turned out, Preed had accepted a better deal from the Drej: they would let him live and pay him handsomely provided that he killed the humans before the Drej reached the Titan. Korso was able to distract Preed briefly, giving Cale and Akima the chance to take cover. As Preed fired wildly, Korso hid. When Preed's attention was drawn towards Cale, Korso jumped Preed from behind and snapped his neck.