"It's red, Kazan!"

Quentin McNeil appears in the 1998 film Cube, portrayed by Maurice Dean Wint. Initially just another seemingly random victim of the whims of the Cube's makers, he soon establishes himself as the film's antagonist.


Quentin was a police officer with a manipulative personality and aggressive streak to match. He quickly takes charge of the group of subjects within the Cube through intimidation and ruthlessness. His obsession with solving the mystery behind the Cube makes him increasingly agitated, eventually causing him to turn on the others, starting with Helen Holloway whom he drops into the dark chasm outside of the Cube's outer shell. Fearing for their lives, Leaven and Worth knock him out and leave him in order to escape.


Quentin awakes full of rage and bloodlust, hunting Leaven, Worth and Kazan like a predator. He snaps a metal bar off one of the Cube's many doors and uses it to stab Leaven to death when he catches up with her. Quentin also stabs Worth and goes after Kazan through the crawlspace leading to the exit bridge. However, Worth is still holding on to life and now also Quentin's leg, giving Kazan the opportunity to escape. As Kazan flees, the rooms shift once more and Quentin is crushed inside the crawlspace.

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