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Remi Masuda is a character from the animated OVA Cyber City Oedo 808. Appearing in the third episode "Blood Lust", she was once a subject of unethical experimentation into immortality. The experiments carried out on her by Shuzo Saionji turned her into an immortal vampire.

Japanese Voice: Emi Shinohara

English Voice: Teresa Gallagher


Remi Masuda was born over 300 years before the events of the OVA. After it was discovered that she had a rare form of hereditary anaemia, her parents decided to have her put into cryogenic suspension until a cure for her disease could be found. In 2504, Remi entered a cold-sleep capsule where she would remain until the year 2807 when she was revived by Shuzo Saionji, the CEO of the company that managed her stasis facility. Saionji used Remi as a test subject for his research into immortality, injecting her with an early form of the virus that he would one day use on himself.

Forced to live on for eternity as a blood-sucking vampire, Remi sought revenge against Saionji, targeting his former employees who were involved with the development of his immortality virus. Benten of the Cyber Police discovered the truth behind the murders and sympathised with Remi, standing in defence of her when his colleagues attempted to arrest her.

Remi fled to settle her grievance with Saionji, taking the orbital elevator to the Saionji Medical Station. There she confronted the decrepit old man responsible for her suffering and attacked him, but Saionji had already taken a large dose of his completed virus and he transformed before her eyes, his withered flesh rejuvenating. In his immortal vampiric state, Saionji fed upon Remi's blood.


Though Saionji fed upon her blood, Remi survived and she watched as Benten fought against Saionji and killed him. She then pleaded for Benten to end her life, but Benten had already used the virus antidote on Saionji. There was an alternative available to Remi: she was placed inside a cryogenic capsule and entered cold-sleep once again. Benten then ejected Remi's capsule into space, letting her drift through the stars in a perpetual state of dreaming.

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