Reptile's human form, portrayed by Keith Cooke

Reptile's lizard form

Reptile is a vile reptilian creature from the dark realm of Outworld in the Mortal Kombat franchise. In the film, he serves as a spy for Shang Tsung, using his chameleon-like ability to camouflage himself in order to observe the Earthrealm combatants without being seen. Reptile observes the activities of Liu Kang and his allies during the Mortal Kombat tournament and follows them to Outworld when the time comes for them to battle Shang Tsung. Liu Kang is somehow able to sense Reptile's presense, however, and seemingly grabs the creature out of thin air before throwing him against a demonic-looking statue. Tentacles emerge from the statue's open chest cavity and pull Reptile inside, then transform into a humanoid ninja with green trappings. Liu Kang and Reptile fight inside a ruined building, with Liu emerging as the victor after taking down Reptile with his Flying Bicycle Kick. Reptile's human form turns back into a statue, with the lizard Reptile emerging from the chest cavity covered in worms, beetles and other bugs which have partially eaten him. Liu then finishes Reptile by squashing the creature's face beneath his heel.

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