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This is a list of all the background character deaths that occur in Resident Evil.

  • When the T-virus is released into the Hive, the Red Queen takes steps to ensure that the virus doesn't leak into the outside world. The entire complex is sealed and all 500+ staff - unaware they have all been infected - are killed off by the Hive's interior defences. Many workers are locked in their offices which are filled with halon gas that suffocates them. Several others die when the elevators go into freefall. The laboratories are sealed and flooded by the fire extinguisher system, drowning the scientists within.
  • One woman trapped in an elevator attempts to escape, but the doors won't open wide enough and she can only stick her head out. The elevator then starts moving again and the woman is decapitated.
  • Because the Hive staff were infected with the T-virus before the Red Queen killed them off, they return to life as zombies. When the Red Queen is shut down, all the doors in the complex are opened and the zombies are released. They make their way down to Dining Hall B where the special ops team is located and a battle takes place. While the zombies are shown to keep getting up after being shot, it's probable that a few would still get taken down with headshots.
  • During the Dining Hall shootout, one of the bio-weapon tanks explodes. It's unknown if any of the zombies caught in the blast actually stayed down.
  • The first zombie that bit Rain appears again after seemingly disappearing. This time Rain kills her by snapping her neck.
  • When Alice wanders into the Hive's kennel, she encounters the zombified warden and sends him flying into the wall with some expert martial arts moves. The impact breaks his neck since he doesn't get up afterwards.
  • With the gun taken from the kennel warden, Alice shoots the zombie Dobermans that attack her, six in total. A seventh, which had chased her through the room, lunges at her after her ammo runs out. Alice kills the last dog by kicking off the wall and delivering a roundhouse kick to the dog's head, breaking its neck.
  • Several more zombies are shot or have their necks broken down in the utility tunnels.
  • As Chad Kaplan is bitten by a zombie and only has one bullet left, he contemplates using it on himself. However, he decides against it at the last second and shoots an approaching zombie instead.
  • Inside the flooded lab, a female zombie emerges from the water and sneaks up on Spence, biting him on the shoulder. Spence manages to shake her off and shoot her.
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