Richard Galen
Professor Richard Galen (portrayed by Norman Lloyd) is a Star Trek: TNG guest character who appeared in the episode "The Chase". He was a reknowned Federation archaeologist and was once a tutor of Jean-Luc Picard.

Galen spent the 2360s in micropaleontology and discovered a 4.5 billion year old code programmed in the DNA of dozens of species by ancient humanoids. In 2369, Galen was close to deciphering the code and paid a surprise visit to Picard on the USS Enterprise-D, collaborating with Commander William T. Riker to surprise Picard with the gift of a Kurlan artifact he had recently discovered, the Kurlan naiskos. Surprised to see his old teacher, Picard assured him that no one could be more welcome aboard the Enterprise-D, and was particularly touched at the gift given the rarity of the piece. However, when Galen asked Picard to come with him for the rest of his journey, Picard again disappointed Galen by refusing, and Galen left the ship immediately.

Shortly thereafter, Galen died as a result of injuries suffered when his shuttle was attacked by the Yridians working for the Cardassians. Before he died, Galen admitted to Picard that he had been too harsh with him. Picard was later able to complete the late Richard Galen's discovery.

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