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Guyot's Zoalord form

Commander Richard Guyot is one of the twelve directors of the Chronos Corporation in the Guyver anime. He first appears in Japan following Genzo Makishima's failure to reacquire the missing Guyver units, assuming control of Chronos' Japanese branch. He orchestrates the operation to eliminate Sho Fukamachi - Guyver I - and take his control medal, inadvertantly ensuring the destruction of the Japan branch following Guyver I's death and subsequent rebirth. In the OVA, Guyot appears to be buried alive when the Chronos tower collapses in Terminal Battle: The Fall of Chronos Japan, but he reappears briefly in the final episode alive and well, with no explanation as to how or why.

Guyver 2005 TV series

In the Guyver TV series, Chronos Japan is destroyed in the eighth episode, Shuddering Skyscraper. After Guyot boards a helicopter and makes his escape, Guyver III activates a bomb on the chopper and seemingly kills Guyot. Guyot returns alive and well in the very next episode at the Makishima mansion, apparently suspecting (correctly) Agito Makishima of being a traitor. Later, Guyot travels to Relic's Point beneath Mount Minakami and meets with Dr. Hamilcar Barcas, Chronos's leading scientist and co-founder. While at Relic's Point, Guyot attempts to bring forward his own plan to overthrow Chronos using an ancient alien device: the Unit Remover, which can completely seperate a Guyver from its host. In the final battle of Relic's Point, Guyot faces the Guyvers and his Zoalord prototype Masaki Murakami in battle atop the reactivated alien ship. He kills Murakami and almost kills Sho and Agito as well, but is interrupted by the Zoalord Archanfel. Archanfel takes Guyot's zoacrystal which gives him his power, and tries to take the Remover as well. Guyver III interrupts by blasting Guyot in the back with a Pressure Cannon blast, punching a gaping hole through Guyot's body. Guyot plummets into the depths of the exploding Mt. Minakami, taking the Remover with him.

In the Guyver manga, Guyot apparently survives his encounter with Archanfel and later returns, despite losing his zoacrystal and having his powers removed.