Robert Picard

Robert Picard (pronounced as the French ro-BARE) is the brother of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He appears in just one episode, Family, and is portrayed by Jeremy Kemp.


Robert and his brother Jean-Luc shared an adversarial relationship when they were children. Robert resented Jean-Luc, who was deemed by their parents as "the responsible one", even though he got into trouble as often as his brother. Robert bullied his brother while they were growing up and was resentful of Jean-Luc's success in Starfleet.

In the Next Generation episode Family, Jean-Luc returned to his family's vineyard in France following his recent traumatic experience with the Borg. At first, their reunion was filled with animosity, since Robert still felt that Picard was arrogant. Relations between Jean-Luc and Robert worsened, particularly as the subject of Jean-Luc's recent problems came up. After Jean-Luc was offered a new job and he had to decide whether to leave Starfleet, Robert tormented him. Robert told Jean-Luc that Jean-Luc had become unsure of himself and asked him what happened to him. The argument lead to a brawl in the vineyards that eventually left the sibling rivals laughing and covered in mud. Jean-Luc told Robert that he felt guilty over his inability to fight the Borg after they kidnapped him and the deaths that ensued. Robert told Jean-Luc that he had to come to terms with his guilt and realize that it was not his fault.


Early on in Star Trek: Generations, Jean-Luc Picard recieves a transmission from Earth. It explains that Robert and his son Rene Picard had died in a house fire. Jean-Luc keeps this fact to himself and isolates himself from his crew for a time until Deanna Troi speaks to him in his ready room, where he admits his regret for never having children now that his family line is going to end with him after the tragic death of his nephew Rene.

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