Roman Groom is a character from the 2009 Doctor Who special "The Waters of Mars". He is portrayed by Michael Goldsmith.


Roman was an American member of the group on Bowie Base One. He was the designer and operator of the robot Gadget and gave it its "comedy" persona.

A child genius, Roman had multiple degrees by age seventeen when he decided to sign up with NASA. He was the youngest member of the Bowie Base mission, noted for an instinctive talent for mechanics. During the Flood outbreak, he operated Gadget remotely and observed the Doctor and Adelaide Brooke as they investigated the base's bio-dome. When the infected Andy Stone and Tarak Ital attacked, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to hijack Gadget and modify its engine, allowing he and Adelaide to use the robot as an effective escape vehicle.


As the Flood breached the base's central dome, Roman became infected when a single drop of water leaked through the ceiling and landed on his cheek. In his last moments of sanity, Roman urged his remaining colleagues to leave him behind. Roman died minutes later when the colony's nuclear self-destruct system was activated.

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