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Rory Peters (portrayed by Jonathan Cherry) is one of the supporting main characters of the 2003 movie Final Destination 2. He is one of the survivors of the Route 23 pileup after being saved by Kimberly Corman and is a drug addict. He is the fifth survivor to die just shortly after Kat Jennings.


Rory's death in Kimberly's premonition

Before the pileup happened, Rory was driving his car along Route 23, doing drugs while driving. He sees a cop car drive past him and quickly puts them away. As the car passes, he tries to intimidate the cop, Officer Thomas Burke, even though he had already passed in front of him. As he keeps driving, he witnesses a chain from a log truck in front of the highway snap and logs are sent bouncing on the road. One of the logs bounces upward into Burke's windshield and pierces through, smashing the officer's face in and pushing his top half's remains out the back of the car. Due to this and the other logs rolling along the highway, all the vehicles are sent swerving to dodge the wreckage including Rory's car. As his car swerves, a log hits his side door and capsizes his car, sending it rolling down the road and damaging it. It finally stops after a while, leaving a bruised Rory in shock. He hears swerving and turns towards the sound just in time to see a garbage truck barreling towards him. It decimates his car, killing him in a fiery explosion.

But this doesn't actually happen as it is a part of Kimberly Corman's premonition. Luckily, Kimberly manages to prevent some people from going on the highway including Rory by blocking the road feeding into it. Burke goes onto the curb of the road and cuts in front of the other cars to find out what the commotion is. Many of the cars behind Kimberly beep at her, Rory probably being on of these people. Burke parks in front Rory's car that's behind Kimberly and Rory quickly puts his drugs away. As Burke talks to her, he tells her to step out of her car. As she talks to him, more of the people behind them started to come out of their vehicles. Suddenly, cars start crashing into one another and exploding on the highway soon after a log truck passes by the holdup, the pileup happening anyways without the others. Burke starts to request backup and runs back to Kimberly, pulling her away as her car gets hit by a car hauler and explodes, killing her three friends inside. Rory witnesses all of this.

Later on, Rory and the rest of the survivors are gathered at Burke's police station where Rory jokes around with Eugene Dix about Death coming to get them. Later, he hangs out with some friends and watches a news channel reporting about Evan Lewis's bizarre death and he starts to freak out, thinking maybe Death is out get him and that Kimberly was right.

He then attends a group meeting of the remaining survivors and a woman named Clear Rivers at Officer Burke's apartment. At first, the group doesn't believe Clear as she explains Death's list and all of them leave except for Kimberly, Burke, and Rory. The remaining group safeproofs the house, Rory sees a shadow of a man with hooks, foreshadowing Nora Carpenter's death. Clear leaves the room to try and stop it, but is too late. Eugene and Kat along with Clear then burst into the apartment after witnessing Nora's death. Eugene then grabs Burke's gun and tries to attempt suicide, but none of the rounds in the gun go off as he pulls the trigger multiple times. By now, everyone believes that Death still is after them. They then seek Isabella Hudson, a survivor of the Route 23 pileup and a pregnant woman. They believe that if she gives birth before anyone else dies, the cycle of Death's list will shatter as new life is born when it shouldn't have.

As they drive in search of her, the remaining survivors talk about their close encounters with death. It turns out that Rory was in Paris, France on vacation. He was planning on going to a movie theater, but he witnesses Carter Horton's death along the way. After seeing that, he decides to go home, evading his own death later when the movie theater he was going to go to collapses, killing its attendees. As they continue their search for Isabella, their car suffers a blowout and crashes onto a nearby farm.

The car barrels through the farm, smashing through a wall of hay and nearly running over Brian Gibbons who was a few feet to the side of the wall. They then run into a wooden fence, smashing through it too, but a log suddenly becomes stuck over Kat's legs as she tries to swerve and stop the car. They then start heading for rows of PVC pipes. Kat manages to swerve the car backwards and the car is then pierced by those pipes. Luckily, the group survives, but Eugene is pierced in the lung by one of the pipes and one nearly pierces Kat's skull, scaring her as she sees it. Unfortunately, she is unable to get out of the car due to the log blocking her legs. Rory and the others attempt to help the injured Eugene until the paramedics arrive. Medical assistance, police, and firemen come to help as Eugene is taken by the paramedics to the hospital. A news van also arrives and comes barreling at Brian, Rory shouting at him and pulling him out of the way. He warns Brian to be more careful. As the van parks, a rock hits the van's gas tank and gas starts leaking from it. The gas starts pouring from the van and into an open pipe in the ground. It gets closer and closer to Kat's car. Rory then goes to Kimberly and asks how Kat's doing. After she tells him she doesn't know but she thinks she going to be okay, he asks if when he dies, is it going to hurt which she responds with "I don't know." He then gives his wallet and keys to her and asks her if when he dies, would she burn his drugs and anything that would break his mother's heart. She nods and he walks away to do more drugs.


Rory's death by trisection

Rory's body falling to pieces as he dies

A fireman then tries to save Kat, but kills her instead by accidentally triggering the car's airbag, sending her into the pipe that nearly killed her, killing her officially. As she dies, her cigarette falls out of her hands and hits the ground. The wind suddenly blows the cigarette into the pipe that the gasoline is in and it ignites. Officer Burke goes looking for Rory and finds him, walking towards him. Suddenly, Burke looks up and sees a tree branch break above his head and he drops to the ground, avoiding it narrowly. The fire then catches up to the van and it explodes, sending a barbed wire fence hurtling at Rory. It zooms past Burke's head and as Rory looks up, it trisects his body, immediately cutting off his left arm and hand and the top of a fence post behind him. He stands still for a second, blood dripping from his mouth. His body then falls to the ground, his chest, belly, and bottom half separating.


  • Both of Rory's death are very questionable and his true death is laughed at by the fans due to its unrealistic means of the wire cutting through his body, slicing through flesh and bone, one of the strongest things in the human body. His premonition death is also questionable as the garbage truck that kills him isn't seen at all when the pileup actually happens.
  • Before dying, he asks for Kimberly to get rid of his drugs and anything that would make his mother sad, hinting at his death soon after.