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Roy Burns is the central antagonist of the slasher horror film Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. While Jason Voorhees is the main antagonist throughout most of the series, Burns was revealed to be the killer in the fifth instalment in a twist ending, having disguised himself as Jason to cover up his killings. In his brief unmasked appearance, he is portrayed by Dick Wieand. While disguised as Jason, he was portrayed by Tom Morga and John Hock.


Roy Burns was a paramedic who lived and worked in Crystal Lake. He was something of a loner and didn't have any real friends, not even the other paramedics he worked with. He was also the secret biological father of Joey, a boy who lived at the Pinehurst Halfway House. It is unknown why he gave up his son for adoption, but on some level he still cared for his son.

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One day, Roy and his partner Duke were called to Pinehurst where they discovered that Joey had been brutally murdered by one of the residents, Victor Faden. While he didn't show it at the time, seeing his son hacked to pieces caused Roy to snap and turn homicidal. Using a rubber mask as well as a hockey mask over that, Roy disguised himself as the infamous Jason Voorhees and went on a killing spree. He hunted down many of the Pinehurst residents, killing them in brutal fashion, as well as killing anybody who got in his way.


Towards the end of the film, Roy pursued Pam Roberts and Reggie Winter into a barn adjacent to the Pinehurst house. There, he was confronted by Tommy Jarvis, a surviving resident of Pinehurst and a survivor of Jason Voorhees' last killing spree. Ever since the night he had supposedly killed Jason, Tommy had been battling with his inner demons brought about by the trauma of that night. Confronting who he thought to be Jason, Tommy sprung into action, trying to protect Pam and Reggie. He fought Roy in the loft of the barn, causing Roy to drop his machete. Roy fell over the edge of the loft, but as Pam looked over the edge to see if he was still alive, the maniac suddenly appeared dangling from the edge and grabbed Pam's ankle. Seizing the machete, Tommy slashed at the masked lunatic, hacking off his hand as well as cutting off his mask. Roy then fell to his death upon a bed of tractor spikes resting on the ground below.

After Roy's death, Sheriff Cal Tucker met with Pam at the hospital where he revealed a photo of Joey in Roy's wallet which had been taken from his pocket, revealing that Roy was Joey's father and his son's death was what drove him to madness.