Rusot (portrayed by John Vickery) was a Cardassian gul who appeared near the end of Star Trek: DS9's seventh season. He appeared in the episodes "The Changing Face of Evil", "When It Rains..." and "Tacking Into the Wind".


Like most Cardassians, Rusot was enamoured by the prospect of joining the Dominion since it would mean the restoration of the crippled Cardassian Union. But as the Dominion continued to exploit Cardassia, Rusot became disillusioned and helped Legate Damar establish the Cardassian Liberation Front and served as the movement's second-in-command.

When Colonel Kira Nerys offered her expertise in organising the rebellion, Rusot was disgusted by the prospect that Cardassia would owe its freedom to a Bajoran. As she helped coordinate the rebellion's efforts, he fought her at every turn and came to believe that she was intentionally sabotaging the movement.


Rusot was part of a small team, led by Damar, that launched a daring raid on the Kelvas repair facility, with the goal of hijacking a Jem'Hadar attack ship equipped with a Breen energy dampening weapon. When the plan started to fall apart, Rusot pulled a weapon on Kira and threatened to kill her, proposing that he and Damar take the weapon for themselves and use it to restore the old Cardassian Empire. Instead Damar shot and killed Rusot.

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