Saito (voiced by Maria Yamamoto and Allison Sumrall) is a minor character in Elfen Lied who appears in the eleventh episode, "Complication". She is a researcher at the Diclonius Research Institute whose job is to study and, when necessary, pacify Mariko, the 35th Silpelit. Her work involved speaking to Mariko via loudspeakers since the Diclonius was sealed inside an isolation tank to keep her from running amok. Though they had never seen each other's faces, Mariko referred to Saito as "Mom".


When it was deemed necessary to release Mariko in order to terminate Lucy, Saito was present to greet Mariko as she exited her tank. The emaciated Mariko hobbled over to Saito and asked if she was her "mommy". Saito replied yes, but Mariko giggled and said "No you're not." She then tore Saito in half and threw her torso through the window of the control booth on the other side of the room. Saito actually managed to survive long enough to activate a control on the console to set off one of several micro-explosives implanted in Mariko's body, pacifying her. Saito then succumbed to her massive trauma and died.

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