Satler (portrayed by Tim deZarn) was a member of a mercenary group that tried to steal trilithium resin from the USS Enterprise-D during a baryon sweep procedure in the Star Trek: TNG episode "Starship Mine". At one point in the episode, Jean-Luc Picard is captured by the mercenaries and held in Engineering where they are conducting their work, but Picard manages to escape and Satler chases after him through the ship's Jefferies tubes. Picard reaches a dead end after opening a hatch to find that the baryon sweep is moving toward him, but uses a stolen laser welder to cut a hole in the Jefferies tube floor and drop down to the deck below. When Satler catches up to Picard's position, he finds the captain's jacket and notices it covering the hole in the floor. The baryon sweep passes through the hatch in front of him just as he looks up from the hole and the sweep vaporises him.

Satler's death is not seen on-screen. Just as he dies, the shot moves to Picard walking on the deck below. He stops a moment when he hears Satler scream out as the sweep claims him.

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