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Scott Mason was the fiancé of Kate Brewster in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines. He is portrayed by Mark Famiglietti.

Scott has very little screentime in T3 and only appears in two scenes in the film, the first being a scene in store where he and Kate seem to be having difficulty with a credit card reader (which is actually malfunctioning due to SkyNet secretly disrupting global communications). Scott's only other scene is his death scene. After the T-X loses track of Kate and John Connor, she visits Kate's apartment to try and reacquire her. She finds Scott in bed who wakes up to see an unfamiliar woman twist her upper body 180 degrees. The T-X then kills Scott with a circular saw blade. Scott's death is not seen on-screen, instead a photograph of him and Kate is seen being splattered with his blood. After killing Scott, the T-X assumes his identity until it next encounters Kate.

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