Serova was a minor character who appeared in the Star Trek: TNG episode "Force of Nature". She was portrayed by Margaret Reed.

Serova and her brother Rabal were Hekaran scientists studying the damaging effects of warp travel upon their star system and attempted to prove their findings to the Federation Science Council. Their reports were dismissed for lacking evidence, but in 2370 the siblings began mining their region of space - the Hekaras Corridor - with probes that disabled any ships that attempted to traverse the region. The USS Enterprise-D became their latest victim and Serova desperately urged the Enterprise crew to inform Starfleet of their findings. The crew worked with Serova and Rabal to determine the dangers present in the region but Serova was convinced that the crew's efforts were just a delaying tactic. In order to prove her theories were correct, she returned to her ship alone and piloted it into the Hekaras Corridor where she triggered a warp core breach that destroyed her ship. The breach reacted with the high levels of tetryon particles throughout the corridor and created a tremendous subspace rift. Serova had proven herself correct, but at the cost of her life.

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