Shijima is one of the Devils of Kimon from Ninja Scroll. He is the fifth to be defeated by Jubei.

Japanese voice: Akimasa Omori

English voice: Sonny Byrkett


He has the ability to merge into the shadows, create illusions of himself, fire a large metallic claw from his hand and even possess people's minds. His main weapon is his mechanical claw which he can throw very fast out of the shadows.

A master of stealth and misdirection, Shijima captures Kagero to lure Jubei into his trap. He strikes at him from the shadows by using his metal claw.


When Jubei tries to rescue Kagero, he finds that Shijima is manipulating her as she attacks him. Shijima strikes with his claw from the shadows but Jubei evades and counters by throwing his sword towards the shadow of a support pillar. Only partially merged with the shadow, Shijima is struck in the back by Jubei's sword and killed instantly.

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