Shirakawa is the Deputy Administrator of the Diclonius Research Institute in Elfen Lied. For years, she worked closely with Kurama and even harboured romantic feelings for him, feelings that she never got the chance to reveal to him. While she may seem to be all-business throughout much of the series, next to Kurama she is the most humane out of any of the Institute staff, despite the fact that she was the one who arranged for Mariko - Kurama's daughter - to be implanted with explosives.

Japanese voice: Hitomi Nabatame

English voice: Shelley Calene-Black


During the series' eleventh and twelfth episodes, Shirakawa leads a Special Assault Team during an operation to capture Lucy and eliminate Nana. She threatens Mariko with self-destruction if the young Diclonius doesn't follow orders and is disgusted by the way Mariko toys with Nana during their fight. The fight is disrupted with the sudden arrival of both Kouta and Lucy, and Shirakawa is surprised by Lucy's seemingly innocent behaviour. Mariko states that the girl isn't Lucy, which leads to Shirakawa deducing that Lucy developed a split personality following her escape from the Institute.

Following Mariko's withdrawal from combat, the SAT team prepare to fire on Kouta since he has seen too much. This causes Nyu to revert back to Lucy, who uses her vectors to protect Kouta by blocking the soldiers' SMG fire. Shirakawa orders the SAT to cease fire, curious as to how and why Kouta and Lucy are interacting without Lucy simply killing the young man. She approaches Kouta, trying to warn him of how dangerous Lucy is, but she is abruptly cut in half by Lucy's vectors. Her last thought before dying is a silent apology to Kurama. Upon witnessing Shirazawa's murder shortly followed by Lucy's massacre of the SAT troops, Kouta's repressed memories resurface and he recalls the death of his father and sister.

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