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10x01: Lazarus

  • Tess Mercer awakes to find herself in Cadmus Labs, where a project to clone Lex Luthor has been underway. One of the completed clones escapes from containment and, deciding that there can only be one Lex Luthor, sets fire to the laboratory. Clark later arrives at Cadmus to find the cloning lab in ruins and all the defective clones have been destroyed.

10x12: Collateral

  • Inside a virtual reality simulation, Chloe leads Oliver out of a facsimile of Metropolis General. Two armed agents - actually security programs - intercept the pair, but Chloe draws a pair of handguns and shoots them both.
  • As the VRA lead Chloe out of the lab where Clark and the other League members are being held, two VRA troops are gunned down by Rick Flag.
  • Deadshot fires two rounds that pass by either side of Chloe's neck before each hitting a VRA grunt.

10x14: Masquerade

  • While Chloe and Oliver are enjoying dinner at the Ace of Clubs, a hostess hands Oliver a phone. On the other end of the phone is a woman who is calling from a church where she has found several bodies of people tortured to death by Desaad. While still on the line, the woman screams as Desaad appears and kills her too. Blood is seen streaming from her eyes as Desaad approaches.
  • Agent Vactor - An FBI agent who had been staking out Desaad's nightclub. When he finds Chloe outside of the club, he holds her at gunpoint. At that moment, he starts bleeding from every orifice in his head as Desaad uses telekinesis to kill him.

10x18: Booster

  • Dan Garrett - A scientist working for Kord Industries. Clark discovers that the alien Scarab device that Ted Kord discovered bonded with Garrett, turning him into a killing machine. Garrett killed three people before he was stopped and then died himself when the Scarab was forcibly removed.

10x19: Dominion

  • In the Phantom Zone, Clark watches as Zod pits two Zoners together in gladiatorial combat. One of the combatants is killed when an axe is driven into his chest.
  • Clark fights the remaining gladiator and defeats him, but refuses to kill him. Zod then steps in, drawing his sword and impaling the losing combatant.
  • Clark and Oliver watch another match in Zod's arena. The losing gladiator is decapitated.