8:03. Toxic

  • Adrianna - Oliver Queen's date to a charity fundraiser. Both she and Oliver are poisoned by a man seeking revenge against Oliver. While Oliver is taken to the Isis Foundation in order to protect his dual identity as Green Arrow, Adrianna is taken to a hospital where she is treated with an adrenaline shot. The combination of the poison and adrenaline kills Adrianna instantly.
  • In a flashback, Oliver recalls his first meeting with Tess Mercer. While treating Oliver for poison, she tells him how Marcos and his crew boarded her boat and killed four of her colleagues.
  • Megan - A woman in Oliver's flashback who was being held captive by Marcos. After realizing who Oliver is, Marcos decides that he doesn't need his other captives and shoots Megan in the head.

8:04. Instinct

  • Maxima arrives on Earth, appearing in a Metropolis back alley. A young businessman witnesses the flash of light from Maxima's teleportation coming from the alley and investigates, finding the beautiful alien woman standing before him. Believing that the man is the Kryptonian who signalled her, Maxima walks up to him and kisses him. However, as the two kiss passionately, the man starts bleeding from his nose and begins to go into shock. It turns out that humans are unable to withstand the strength of Maxima's endorphin kiss.
  • While searching for her "perfect mate", Maxima kills several men in the same manner as her first victim. It is unknown how many men she kills in total as all of these deaths occur off-screen.
  • A team of LuthorCorp mercenaries try to take down Maxima, but the alien queen easily kills them all.

8:05. Committed

  • After being tranquilized following their engagement party, Chloe and Jimmy wake up in a dungeon bound in straitjackets. On either side of them is an electric chair with a corpse sat in it, indicating that they are not their kidnapper's first victims.
  • Clark and Lois investigate Jimmy and Chloe's disappearance and discover that three other couples (including the pair seen in the electric chairs) have gone missing over the last fortnight.

8:06. Prey

  • An undisclosed number of people are killed at the Ace of Clubs nightclub by an unknown, inhuman attacker.
  • J'onn J'onzz informs Clark that several other incidents like the one at the Ace of Clubs have taken place over the past month, with people being brutally killed by some sort of monster.
  • Jimmy is thrown to the ground where he sees Randy Klein's most recent victim, who has claw marks across his face.
  • Eva Greer visits Randy in prison to present him Tess Mercer's offer of joining her group of metahuman operatives. She mentions that Randy could not have committed all of the recent killings, stating that he was in an arcade at the time that a nun was slain. At the very end of the episode, Davis Bloome is shown getting into his ambulance and the camera focuses on an onyx cruciffix that belonged to the nun, indicating that Davis is a murderer.

8:10. Bride

  • Davis is seen trying to clean blood off himself and from his ambulance, having just murdered someone in his Doomsday state. A security guard finds him and Davis transforms once more and attacks the guard.
  • Chloe and Jimmy's wedding is violently interrupted by Doomsday, who proceeds to kill and injure several people before grabbing Chloe and fleeing with her.

8:12. Bulletproof

  • At the start of the episode, John Jones manages to apprehend a dangerous criminal. However, that criminal never makes it to jail. It is later revealed that the uniformed officers assigned to bring him in had turned to vigilantism, murdering the crook and dumping his body in the river.

8:13. Power

  • After learning that Lana was abducted at the same time she had broken up him, Clark demands that Tess tell him the names of the henchmen that took her. Tess informs Clark that those henchmen are dead, that Lex has employed new people that have never been previously involved with LuthorCorp.
  • Tess walks into her office at the Daily Planet to find her security guard sitting in her chair. The guard is dead, having been shot in the head earlier by Regan Matthews.

8:14. Requiem

  • In the LuthorCorp Tower board room, a Newton's cradle on a side table picks up speed, then suddenly stops. Oliver Queen yells for the board members to hit the deck when the ornament then explodes. Everyone in the room is killed except for Oliver.

8:16. Turbulence

  • As Davis speaks to a pastor in a confession booth, a flashback reveals him succumbing to the instincts of Doomsday and murdering a drug dealer by breaking his neck.
  • In the middle of the night, Jimmy wakes up to see a terrified drunk man running through the halls of the hospital. The man runs to the far end of the hall, but his pursuer catches up to him and suffocates him to death after putting a plastic bag over his head. Jimmy is shocked to see that the hooded killer is actually Davis.
  • Jimmy confronts Davis about the drunk driver he had murdered. Davis explains that the drunk had killed a mother and her daughter with his dangerous driving and that the world is better off without him.

8:18. Eternal

  • After having committed yet another murder, Davis dismembers the body and buries it in the middle of a field.
  • In a flashback of Davis' forgotten past, a young Lex Luthor chases after a pet canary that flies through a window into a locked room inside the Luthor Mansion. Lex unlocks the door and inside he meets the young boy who would become Davis Bloome. The two run off to play together, but Lex doesn't notice his pet bird lying dead on the windowsill, killed by the strange boy.
  • Back in the present, Clark and Chloe visit the field where Davis' car was blown up. Using his x-ray vision, Clark discovers dozens of bodies buried in the field, all believed to be Davis' victims.
  • While locked in a kryptonite cage, Davis experiences another flashback. An agent of the Luthors leaves the young Davis by the road and is about to drive off when Davis transforms into Doomsday for the first time, smashing into the agent's limousine and killing him.

8:22. Doomsday

  • After being split from Davis, Doomsday goes on a destructive rampage through Metropolis. When Clark arrives to stop him, he sees the monster throw a woman across the street and through a shop window. It is likely that Doomsday killed several others before Clark showed up.
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