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Percival Spencer Parks - more commonly known as "Spence" - is the hidden main antagonist of the first Resident Evil film. He is portrayed by James Purefoy.

In the film, Spence is apparently married to protagonist Alice. Their marriage is actually fake, set up by Umbrella Corporation to protect their identities and the secrecy of the corporation's underground laboratory, the Hive. While Spence and Alice did have romantic feelings for each other during their security assignment and even engaged in sex, Spence was driven by greed and intended to sell Umbrella's secrets on the black market. When he heard about the T-virus after spying on Alice and Lisa Addison, he gained entry to the Hive and acquired several samples of the virus and its anti-virus from the labs. To cover his tracks, he threw a vial of the virus across the lab as he walked out, which shattered against a table and released the deadly disease into the complex's air-conditioning system, thereby triggering the disaster that claimed the lives of the entire Hive staff and the Umbrella commandoes who would later come in to investigate.

As Spence boarded the emergency train that would take him to the Hive's emergency entrance, the Red Queen activated the facility's defense systems. The staff inside the main complex were all infected with the virus and killed off, and Spence was knocked out when the Red Queen released a nerve gas onto the train. Hours later, he was found by One and his team and seemed to be suffering from amnesia, with no memory of who he was or why he was there.

Over the course of the film, Spence's memories would slowly return, and by the time he, Alice, Rain Ocampo and Matt Addison were the only ones left alive, he achieved total recall and then immediately turned on the other survivors. He revealed that his smuggled attache full of T-virus samples was still on the train where he was found and he offered Alice the chance to join him. Alice refused and while Spence held her at gunpoint, a zombie snuck up behind him and bit his shoulder. Spence killed the zombie then quickly held off Matt and the others as he exited the flooded lab, shooting out the locking mechanism as he went. He then made his way back to the train platform and grabbed the attache containing the T-virus and its antigen. As he prepared to administer the cure to himself, he was suddenly attacked and savaged by a Licker, one of Umbrella's experimental bio-weapons.

After Alice, Rain, Matt and Chad Kaplan returned to the train platform, Spence's mutilated body was reanimated by the T-virus. The zombified Spence crawled slowly toward Alice, who decapitated him with a fire axe.

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