USS Enterprise-D falls toward Veridian III

This article contains details of all background deaths that occur in Star Trek: Generations.

  • The SS Robert Fox, a passenger transport alongside the SS Lakul, is destroyed in the Nexus ribbon. 265 people were aboard.
  • The SS Lakul is destroyed by the Nexus ribbon. Out of its 150 passengers and crew, 103 perished.
  • Off-screen, the Armagosa Observatory is attacked by the Romulans. All 19 of the station's staff are found dead when the Enterprise arrives, though they apparently put up a fight as two dead Romulans are also found onboard.
  • The Duras sisters' Bird-of-Prey is destroyed by the Enterprise with all hands lost.
  • Several of the Enterprise's crew perish in the battle with the Klingons and during the ship's crash-landing on Veridian III.
  • When Soran destroys the Veridian star, every planet in the system is annihilated. The only inhabited world, Veridian IV, supported a population of 230 million. This apocalypse is undone when Captains Picard and Kirk defeat Soran after leaving the Nexus.
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