Star Trek IX
This article contains details regarding the background characters and extras who die in Star Trek: Insurrection.
  • A Son'a trooper shoots at Picard and Data inside the hidden Federation holo-ship. Picard and Data shoot the Son'a but it is not confirmed whether they killed him or merely stunned him. The latter seems more likely.
  • The Son'a deploy several small robotic drones as they attempt to abduct the Ba'ku from their colony. The drones fire small tags at their targets, allowing the Son'a ships in orbit to lock on with their transporters. Picard and his team destroy at least fourteen drones whilst trying to defend the Ba'ku.
  • In the Briar Patch nebula, the Enterprise-E is battling a pair of Son'a ships. One of these ships launches an isolytic warhead, a banned supspace weapon that rips open a spatial tear that is attracted to the Enterprise's warp core. The Enterprise crew are forced to eject the core and detonate it to seal the subspace tear. This succeeds, though another explosion rocks the ship and results in a number of casualties.
  • One crewman in Engineering is set on fire following an explosion. La Forge extinguishes the man and calls for a medic, but it is unknown if the crewman survives.
  • Riker pilots the Enterprise using a joystick and scoops up large amounts of volatile metreon gas with the ship's ramscoops. He then releases the gas in front of the Son'a ships right as one of them fires a torpedo. The torpedo ignites the gas and one of the Son'a vessels is destroyed when engulfed in the blast. The other ship is crippled and set on fire.
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