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This article lists all minor character deaths that occur in Season 2 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

2.01: Holocron Heist

  • During the opening montage, Anakin, Obi-Wan and several clones are fighting Seperatist droids on the planet Felucia. A B2 super battle droid is struck down by deflected blaster fire.
  • Aboard his Aethersprite starfighter, Plo Koon shoots down three vulture droid fighters as he flies towards Felucia.
  • A Republic V-19 interceptor is shot down by pursuing vulture droids.
  • A Munificent-class Confederate frigate is heavily damaged by fire from a Republic Star Destroyer.
  • Back on the planet's surface, Obi-Wan deflects a blaster bolt back at a B1 battle droid.
  • Plo intercepts and destroys two vulture droids pursuing a V-19.
  • A clone trooper standing next to Rex is shot in the head.
  • Three battle droids among the group advancing on Ahsoka's position are struck down by deflected blaster fire.
  • Two more B1's are struck down as the droid force pulls back.
  • The gunship Anakin and Obi-Wan are on lands in front of Ahsoka's battalion. The clones on the gunship shoot down another two droids.
  • As the LAAT gunship takes off, the droid army overruns the position where Ahsoka's squad were located. The Juggernaut tank Ahsoka was manning explodes and the explosion topples over the AT-TE walkers on either side of it. It is unknown if any clone troops were left at that point.
  • Ord Enisence - A Skrilling Jedi Master who was killed by Cad Bane. Bane kept Ord's body so that Cato Parasitti could copy his appearance.

2.02: Cargo of Doom

  • Two Seperatist frigates are destroyed by the Resolute.
  • A clone trooper contacts Anakin via holo-transmission, claiming that Bolla Ropal has been captured and the base has been overrun. A battle droid closes in on the trooper and grabs him. The shot cuts to Anakin's face as the trooper screams his last breath before the transmission is cut off.
  • The Resolute deposits three AT-TE walkers onto the outer hull of Bane's ship. Anakin and Ahsoka run ahead of the walkers and use their lightsabers to disable a trio of vulture droids.
  • Captain Rex shoots a battle droid in the head, the impact causing it to demagnetize from the hull and drift off into space.
  • Anakin and Ahsoka's battalion storm the bridge of Bane's ship, destroying every battle droid in the room.
  • Although gravity aboard the frigate is shut off, the clone troopers are trained for such an eventuality and continue fighting. One clone shoots two battle droids, their parts free-floating in the hangar.
  • Anakin strikes down three battle droids as he closes in on Bane.
  • Bane shoots a clone trooper floating above him in the back.
  • Bane scores headshots on two more clones.
  • Ahsoka decapitates a battle droid with her lightsaber, then leaps over to another, slicing off its arm before stabbing it in the face.
  • Anakin slices up two B2 droids before kicking Bane in the head.
  • A B1 droid has its head shot off by a clone trooper.
  • After gravity is restored, a B1 droid trips on the severed head of one of its comrades, accidentally firing on a heavy ammunition shell that had been dislodged from a gun battery feed. The shell detonates and causes the ceiling to collapse, crushing the remaining droids in the hangar.
  • Three rather dejected battle droids stand between Anakin and the captive Ahsoka. The droids seem to know they can't beat Anakin and don't put up a fight as he cuts them down.
  • Rex's team shoot down three battle droids among the squad guarding an escape shuttle.
  • After unlocking the holocron, Anakin uses the Force to pull his and Ahsoka's lightsabers into his hands and cuts down the B2's guarding Bane.
  • Bane watches from a raised platform as the spider droids guarding the escape shuttle are gunned down.
  • One more B1 droid is shot as Rex's team board the shuttle.
  • Denal - A clone soldier that had caught up to Bane who is shot off the catwalk above the hangar. Prior to the clone's death, Bane had stripped him of his armour which he then used to disguise himself and board the shuttle along with Anakin's team.
  • Bane's ship explodes following the detonation of the ammo stores and the reactor overloading, destroying any remaining droids aboard.

2.03: Children of the Force

  • When Anakin and Ahsoka infiltrate Darth Sidious' facility on Mustafar, the nursery droids deactivate the gravity stabilisers keeping the facility above the river of lava. As the base comes apart, Anakin and Ahsoka have to fight the nursery droids while they are holding two Force-sensitive infants hostage. Ultimately, the droids are still defeated and plunge into the lava while the Jedi save the children.

2.05: Landing at Point Rain

  • During the opening montage, a V-19 fighter is shot down by a vulture droid.
  • Three Venator-class cruisers are destroyed after being flanked by General Grievous' fleet.
  • On their way to Geonosis, Anakin and Ahsoka boast about the number of kills they got in their last battle with the Separatists. Ahsoka claims to have gotten 55 kills while Anakin claims 76.
  • As the invasion of Geonosis begins, an LAAT gunship is shot down by anti-air artillery. Both the gunship crew and those aboard the walker it was carrying are killed.
  • Three Nantex-class fighters shoot down a second Republic gunship.
  • A group of Geonosians are killed when their anti-air cannon is destroyed by a squad of Y-Wings.
  • As another squadron of gunships is deployed from the Resolute, one of them is shot down.
  • A clone makes a remark about how the Geonosians can't aim. As soon as he does, his gunship is shot down.
  • One of the turret gunners on Anakin's gunship shoots down a Geonosian fighter.
  • When Anakin's gunship is hit and goes down for a crash-landing, another gunship on the starboard side explodes.
  • After the crash-landing, Anakin emerges from the downed LAAT and slices up two Geonosian warriors with his lightsaber.
  • Yet another LAAT is shot down by a Geonosian fighter squadron.
  • The LAAT supporting Obi-Wan's own gunship is destroyed by pursuing Geonosian fighters.
  • Two clone troopers are gunned down by Geonosian fire as Rex runs up to meet with Anakin.
  • Another clone trooper is shot as Anakin and Ahsoka jump out from cover to rush at the enemy position.
  • A Geonosian is killed by a blast from an AT-TE's gun turret.
  • Waxer and Boil make it to Obi-Wan's down gunship to find that only Obi-Wan and Trapper are still alive. The other clones all died upon impact.
  • Skywalker's squad reaches a Separatist fortress wall lined with guns and armed droids. As soon as the droids spot the clone squad, they open fire, killing two clones as the others dash for cover.
  • Ki-Adi-Mundi and his squad walk into a cavern only to be attacked by Geonosians. One clone is seized by the bugs and carried away out of sight.
  • A Geonosian lunges at Clone Commander Jet, but is blasted in the chest and killed.
  • Jet shoots two Geonosians that pounce on his soldiers.
  • A Geonosian jumps on Jet, but is slashed off by Master Mundi.
  • Several Geonosians are gunned down while another clone is mauled to death.
  • Two more flying Geonosians are shot out of the air.
  • Two clone troopers are hit by the Geonosians' sonic blasters.
  • A clone trooper screams as he is grabbed by a Geonosian and flown out of sight, never to be seen again.
  • After making it to the top of the fortress wall, Anakin asks Ahsoka how many droids she's taken down. Ahsoka claims 25, though Anakin states that she is falling behind.
  • Back on the ground, Rex looks up to the top of the wall to see two battle droids get cut down by Anakin and Ahsoka.
  • Two battle droids are struck by blaster fire as the clones raise their aim to the top of the wall.
  • At Obi-Wan's position, a Geonosian flying ahead of a tank is shot out of the air.
  • A clone trooper is killed by a Geonosian's sonic blast.
  • Two clone troopers taking cover inside the wrecked gunship are killed by hostile fire.
  • A clone gunner is killed when the turret he is manning is destroyed by enemy fire.
  • A Geonosian tries to grab a clone trooper out of an AT-TE's gunner's nest, but is shot in the back.
  • Back at the fortress wall, three more clones on the ground are gunned down.
  • Anakin and Ahsoka finish off three remaining droids on top of the wall.
  • Rex and his surviving troops make to the top of the wall as Anakin and Ahsoka are pinned by a pair of destroyer droids. Rex walks behind a destroyer, moving slowly so as to pass through its shield, then blasts it from under the chin.
  • Anakin manages to slide under the second destroyer droid and carve it up with his lightsaber.
  • A battle droid emerges from a hatch to find out if the destroyer droids were successful, but Anakin and Ahsoka simply throw their explosive packs to the droid and then jump off the wall. The confused droid screams just before the packs explode, destroying the wall.
  • Back in the cave, Mundi cuts down a Geonosian that flies at him.
  • Most of the remaining Geonosians in the cave die when Mundi's squad opens fire on them with flamethrowers. Mundi slices up two burning Geonosians and another is shot dead by a clone's blaster rifle.
  • Back at the landing zone, two clones are killed after being blasted by Geonosians riding speeder bikes.
  • Admiral Yularen deploys a Y-Wing squadron to aid the landing zone force. The bombers dive in and destroy the Separatists' advancing AAT battle tanks.
  • As Anakin's squad charges the Geonosian stronghold, nine Geonosians are shown to be gunned down. Two clones are shot dead during the charge and one is grabbed by a Geonosian and flown away.
  • After Anakin and Ahsoka disable the droid artillery with EMP grenades, the AT-TE's move in and open fire on the stronghold. The tower collapses upon the defence line, crushing the artillery droids and the Geonosian soldiers placed there.
  • Master Mundi lands at the stronghold and kills one Geonosian before the remaining Geonosian soldiers surrender.
  • At the end of the battle, Anakin claims a total of 55 kills and Ahsoka claims 60. Ki-Adi-Mundi chimes in with 65 kills.

2.06: Weapons Factory

  • As the battle begins on the bridge leading to Poggle the Lesser's droid factory, Anakin and Luminara are seen deflecting blaster fire, destroying two droids in the process.
  • Twelve more droids are felled by Anakin and Luminara.
  • A clone trooper is shown to be shot as the AT-TE's advance closer to the factory.
  • In a top-down aerial shot, another clone trooper is shown to be blasted.
  • A clone trooper is shot from behind by a Geonosian's sonic blaster.
  • Five more clone troopers are gunned down following an ambush by the Geonosians.
  • Buzz raises his heavy repeating blaster to the sky and shoots down three Geonosian warriors.
  • Luminara and Anakin press on, destroying a further ten battle droids.
  • Anakin and Luminara cut down another five battle droids before they are intercepted by droidekas.
  • Rex destroys four droidekas and two B2's with a rocket launcher.
  • Another eight droids are destroyed by fire from the Republic AT-TE's.
  • As the Confederacy deploys its new super-tanks against the Republic, a line of AV-7 mobile cannons open fire on them. The super-tanks are ray-shielded and suffer no damage. They then return fire, shelling the Republic cannons and obliterating them.
  • Four clones are killed after being struck by shell from a super-tank.
  • Ahsoka and Barriss Offee cut down two Geonosian guards in the factory control room.
  • Two AT-TE walkers are destroyed by the Separatist super-tanks.
  • Another three clones are killed by shelling.
  • The eight super-tanks are destroyed when Anakin and Luminara set bombs on the underside of the bridge, sending the tanks crashing into the chasm below.
  • In the factory control room, Barriss exploits an opening in the super-tank's armour and cuts her way inside, destroying the tank's droid pilot and gunner.
  • Anakin and Luminara cut down six battle droids when another garrison emerges from the factory.
  • Using the hijacked super-tank, Ahsoka and Barriss fire on the power generator, resulting in the total destruction of the droid factory.
  • Anakin and Luminara each cut down another battle droid just as the factory explodes.
  • The rest of the droid garrison is crushed by falling debris following the factory explosion.

2.07: Legacy of Terror

  • As Poggle and his droid escorts make their way across the deserts of Geonosis, OM-5 - one of the battle droids on the escort - collapses in the midst of a sandstorm and is left behind to power down.
  • In the catacombs beneath the Progate Temple, Obi-Wan, Anakin and their clone troops are attacked by undead Geonosians infected by brain worms. Anakin and Obi-Wan slice up several of the zombie bugs, though the clones are unable to kill them with their blasters.
  • Two clones are grabbed by zombie Geonosians and dragged away into the darkness.
  • Gearshift and another clone trooper are killed by Geonosian zombies, presumably having their necks broken.
  • Within Karina the Great's chamber, Anakin cuts up a Geonosian zombie before freeing Luminara from her bindings.
  • Anakin and Obi-Wan hack up six undead Geonosians as they flee from the queen's chamber. Anakin also squashes a brain worm underfoot.
  • Commander Cody and his troops shoot out the support pillars in the queen's chamber, crushing Karina and her undead entourage.

2.08: Brain Invaders

  • Aboard the TB-73, Scythe and the other brain worm-possessed clone troopers step onto the ship's bridge and shoot the pilot and co-pilot dead.
  • After killing Trap, Barriss slices the brain worm that emerges from his mouth.
  • When the infected clones notice Barriss and Ahsoka watching them, one of them approaches them brandishing two brain worm eggs. Ahsoka Force-pulls the eggs from the clone's hands and she and Barriss slice the eggs in half with their lightsabers, killing the parasites within.
  • After the infected Barriss is exposed to coolant gas, the worm inside her emerges from her mouth and Ahsoka kills it with her lightsaber.
  • After the infected clones are disabled by the coolant gas, the parasites within them are removed after the ship docks at a medical station.

2.09: Grievous Intrigue

  • A clone trooper is immediately shot dead as a company of B2 battle droids board Eeth Koth's flagship.
  • General Grievous cuts through the blast door to the Republic cruiser's bridge, then kicks in the incised part of the door which slams into a clone trooper.
  • The four clones guarding Koth are swiftly cut down by commando droids.
  • One of the clones is still alive and gets up just as a commando droid attacks Koth, shooting it in the back of the head.
  • Another commando droid lunges at Koth, but is sliced in half by the Jedi's lightsaber. It survives bisection, but is then stabbed through the head.
  • The last surviving clone is killed when a MagnaGuard droid electrocutes him from behind with its staff.
  • As the battle above Saleucami is underway, Grievous boards Obi-Wan's ship. As soon as the boarding party enters, the lead commando droid is shot in the head at point-blank range. That clone is then shot by the second droid to board.
  • The second commando droid is shot in the back by clone troopers.
  • Two clone troopers are killed with headshots.
  • Another clone is shot dead just as Grievous and two MagnaGuards set foot on Obi-Wan's ship.
  • Anakin and Adi Gallia run through a corridor on Grievous' ship, cutting down four B1 battle droids in their way.
  • After being cornered on the bridge of his ship, Obi-Wan is attacked by Grievous' MagnaGuards. He evades an attack from one MagnaGuard that strikes the other, deactivating it.
  • Anakin and Adi reach the bridge of Grievous' ship, throwing the halves of a bisected B2 droid at the feet of TV-94.
  • Obi-Wan knocks the second MagnaGuard to the deck and impales it through the torso.
  • After cutting off TV-94's arm, Anakin bisects a commando droid that lunges at him.
  • A second commando droid is Force-pushed over the side of the elevated command deck and another is kicked against a console and electrocuted.
  • Adi slices up two more commando droids.
  • Adi and Anakin cut down the last commando droid together, just as TV-94 retrieves his severed arm.
  • A clone trooper is sucked out into space after the boarding chute between Obi-Wan's and Grievous' ships is severed.
  • As the droid land craft flee from Grievous' ship, Obi-Wan's ship explodes, killing the remaining clone crew.

2.10: The Deserter

  • On the surface of Saleucami, a battle droid complains to General Grievous about the company's power cells being depleted. Irritated, Grievous responds by drawing a lightsaber and cutting down the complaining droid.
  • Obi-Wan and Commander Cody discover an escape pod from Grievous' ship. Most of the droids were destroyed in the crash, but one is found intact, though deactivated.
  • Captain Rex is sniped off of his speeder bike by a pair of commando droids, though he survives the shot. Another clone speeds ahead and shoots down the droids as they attempt to run.
  • As Grievous and his entourage continue their trek, two more battle droids shut down due to exhausted power cells.
  • Cut and Suu's children find a crashed Separatist pod in a field and accidentally reactivate the twenty commando droids inside. The droids make their way to Cut's house where Cut and the injured Rex make their stand.
    • Cut shoots three commando droids that kick in his front door.
    • A commando droid smashes through a window, but Cut shoots it through the head.
  • Several battle droids advance on Obi-Wan and three are sliced up with a lightsaber.
  • Jesse guns down five battle droids from upon his speeder bike.
  • Obi-Wan charges at Grievous, cutting down two droids in his way.
  • Back at Cut's house, four commando droids emerge from the cellar. The lead droid is shot dead by Cut.
  • Cut strikes a damaged commando droid with a piece of debris, hitting it hard enough to cause it to shut down.
  • Rex shoots two commando droids that head upstairs.
  • Rex shoots a third droid in the head, but in its death throes, the droid shoots a hole in the floor, causing Rex to fall back downstairs.
  • The last commando droid grabs Rex by the neck, but is shot in the head by Cut.

2.11: Lightsaber Lost

This episode takes place on Coruscant.

  • Nack Movers - A Trandoshan mercenary who purchased Ahsoka's lightsaber from the thief Bannamu, who had stolen the weapon from Ahsoka. Ahsoka and Tera Sinube tracked Nack down to his apartment in the G17 slum district, but found him dead. The Jedi would later discover that Nack had been poisoned by his girlfriend Marcy.
  • Cassilyda Cryar uses Ahsoka's lightsaber to slice up two police droids at the train station.

2.12: The Mandalore Plot

  • After arriving on Mandalore, Obi-Wan meets with Duchess Satine and informs her that a Mandalorian was responsible for sabotaging a Republic cruiser. Apparently, the Mandalorian had committed suicide before he could be interrogated.
  • After a bomb goes off in the streets of Sundari, Obi-Wan pursues the perpetrator. The suspect is disarmed, but then takes his own life by jumping off a balcony.
  • Outside the mining facility on Concordia, Obi-Wan throws a jet-pack into the air before blasting it. The explosion kills two airborne Death Watch members.
  • Pre Vizsla approaches a wounded Death Watch soldier and shoots him as punishment for failing to kill Obi-Wan.

2.13: Voyage of Temptation

  • Redeye - A clone trooper on duty aboard the Coronet. He is ambushed and killed by an SD-K4 assassin droid.
  • Mixer - A clone trooper on duty aboard the Coronet. The assassin droid ambushes him from above, grabbing and mauling him to death.
  • In the Coronet's cargo hold, Anakin encounters an assassin droid, cutting off two of its many legs. Cody and his clone squad arrive to reinforce Anakin, blasting the droid repeatedly until it shuts down.
  • The second assassin droid climbs up the lift shaft to the recreation deck. Obi-Wan cuts off the droid's main feelers before impaling it through its central eye.
  • In the cargo hold, a cluster of probe killers emerge from the wreck of the assassin droid. Anakin slices up several of the miniature droids with his lightsaber. Many others are blasted by the clones and some are also fried by R2-D2's arc welder.
  • On the recreation deck, more probe killers emerge from the assassin probe carcass. Obi-Wan destroys a number of them with his lightsaber while Duchess Satine eliminates most with her deactivator pistol.
  • One of the probe killers survives and Obi-Wan uses it to identify a traitor among the senators aboard the Coronet. The traitor is identified as Tal Merrik. Merrik knocks away the tray Obi-Wan is using to contain the probe killer, which then attacks Satine. Obi-Wan hits the mini-droid with the tray, sending it flying over to the nearby protocol droid. The probe killer deactivates the servant droid before jumping onto the back of Onaconda Farr. Obi-Wan then saves Farr by slashing the probe killer in half.
  • Back in the cargo hold, Rex finds a discarded trooper helmet with a probe killer inside it. The droid leaps out and attacks Rex, but is deactivated by Artoo's arc welder.
  • A third assassin droid is discovered in the cargo hold. When it tries to scale up the walls, Anakin throws his lightsaber at the droid, cutting off its legs. After the droid falls back to the deck, Rex steps on top of it and blasts it several times.
  • With Duchess Satine as his hostage, Merrik makes his way up to the bridge of the Coronet where he shoots the captain and all four of the flight crew.
  • Three Separatist boarding pods embed themselves within the Coronet's hull and unload several B2 super battle droids. One clone trooper is shown to be killed in the ensuing firefight.
  • Three of the battle droids are shot down by clone troopers and two are electrocuted by Satine's personal guards. Anakin destroys seven using his lightsaber and deactivates the last three with a Force-push.

2.14: Duchess of Mandalore

  • Jerec - Deputy Minister of the New Mandalorian government, voiced by Corey Burton. During a Senate hearing, Duchess Satine is shown a doctored holo-recording of Jerec, claiming that Republic assistance is needed to protect Mandalore from Death Watch. When Satine requests to contact Jerec, Chancellor Palpatine informs her that Jerec was killed in a terrorist bombing on Kalevala.
  • A Death Watch saboteur sets off a bomb planted on Duchess Satine's air shuttle. As the shuttle goes down, Aramis - the pilot - orders the Duchess and her guards to jump out onto a nearby landing platform. After the Duchess and guards are out, the shuttle crashes into a tower and Aramis is killed.
  • On the streets of Coruscant, Satine meets with Davu Golec, her contact within the Ministry of Intelligence. Davu hands the Duchess a disc containing the undoctored recording made by Jerec. However, a Death Watch sniper is watching the two and shoots Davu dead.
  • Satine shoots a police probe droid with her deactivator pistol. The probe droid shuts down and falls to the ground, tripping the police who were running after the Duchess.

2.16: Cat and Mouse

  • In high orbit above Christophsis, a Republic cruiser takes catastrophic damage from enemy fire.
  • A Republic supply frigate is crippled by Admiral Trench's flagship, the Invincible.
  • Anakin's stealth corvette decloaks and charges towards the Invincible, leading a spread of enemy torpedoes behind it. The corvette skims the Invincible's hull, but the torpedoes strike the cruiser's bridge and cause catastrophic damage, presumably killing Trench and destroying the droids on the bridge.

2.17: Bounty Hunters

  • Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka arrive at Felucia where they are due to dock at an orbital medical station. However, the station isn't there, only an orbital platform carrying several Confederate droid fighters. Presumably the Separatists had destroyed the medical station.
  • Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are forced to eject when their ship is shot down by vulture droids over Felucia. As their ship crashes into a mountain, three of the pursuing droid fighters also crash.
  • A Weequay pirate is caught spying on the Felucian village. The bounty hunter Embo pursues the pirate, destroying his speeder before grabbing him and throttling him to death.
  • When Hondo's pirate gang attacks the village, Embo draws the first blood after shooting a pirate off his speeder.
  • Embo jumps onto another pirate's speeder and snaps the driver's neck before taking the bike for himself.
  • Ahsoka cuts down a large fungus column, causing three pirate speeders to crash into it.
  • A Felucian farmer and his tee-muss mount are killed when Hondo opens fire on the village with a tank.
  • Rumi Paramita snipes a Weequay pirate off his speeder bike. The pirate is then lynched by the Felucian farmers.
  • Obi-Wan uses the Force to lift a speeder up into the air and throw it against the electro-fence around the village. The two prone Weequay are then shot by Sugi.
  • Dilanni kills a Weequay pirate after throwing a spear at him.

2.18: The Zillo Beast

This episode takes place on the planet Malastare.

  • During the opening montage, two AT-TE walkers are destroyed by hyena droid bombers.
  • Two Dug warriors are shot dead by battle droids during the opening montage.
  • As the droid army begins marching on Doge Urus' palace, seven battle droids are gunned down.
  • Four hyena droids are shot out of the sky by Republic MAC's. Two of the downed droids crash on top of AT-TE's.
  • As the Republic and Confederate armies exchange fire, another seven droids and three clones are shown being gunned down.
  • Three Dugs and their insectomorph mounts are killed by battle droid fire. One of the Dug cavaliers jumps atop a dwarf spider droid and tries to disable it with his electro-pike, but the droid remains functional. Another spider droid then blasts the Dug warrior off of its comrade.
  • Two vulture droids are shot down by Dug rail guns.
  • The rear gunner of the lead Y-Wing shoots down a vulture droid.
  • When the Republic deploys its experimental electro-proton bomb, most of the droid army's central line is flattened by the initial explosion. The massive electromagnetic pulse that follows completely shuts down all of the remaining droid forces, though the Republic vehicles are also disabled.
  • A massive sinkhole is formed following the bomb's detonation, causing a number of disabled walkers to fall in. It is unknown if any clones died from falling into the sinkhole.
  • When the colossal Zillo Beast awakens, Mace Windu and several clones try to run from it. A clone is crushed to death as the monster brings down a massive hand.
  • At least three Dugs are killed when the Zillo Beast climbs out of the sinkhole.
  • A series of Republic tanks fire stun rays upon the Zillo Beast to knock it out. Before the Zillo Beast is brought down, it destroys six tanks and causes heavy damage to the Dugs' fuel depot.

2.19: The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

This episode continues where the previous one left off, taking place on Coruscant.

  • Dr. Boll synthesizes a gas toxic to the Zillo Beast, but not enough to kill it. The creature stirs and breaks out of confinement, destroying several worker droids and a clone trooper in the process.
  • The Zillo Beast breaks out of the dome where it was kept in confinement. Three clone troopers are crushed to death by a section of the dome.
  • After escaping the containment facility, the Zillo Beast goes on a destructive rampage across Coruscant.
    • The creature destroys two LAAT gunships that open fire on it.
    • Several bridges and buildings are heavily damaged while four sentients are shown to be killed on-screen.
    • From atop the Senate Hall, the Zillo Beast grabs an LAAT gunship and throws it to the ground.
    • The monster destroys another gunship by whipping it out of the air with its tail.
    • Chancellor Palpatine and a Senate Guard are about to be crushed by the Zillo Beast when R2-D2 swoops in and rescues the Chancellor. The guard is not so lucky.
    • No final death toll is mentioned after the Zillo Beast's rampage is halted, though it is likely to be high considering how much damage it caused while moving from the containment facility to the Senate Hall.

2.20: Death Trap

  • Boba Fett plants an explosive device inside Mace Windu's quarters aboard the Endurance. After he leaves the room, Windu arrives, but a clone trooper comes up to him informing him that he is wanted on the bridge. Windu gives the soldier an item to drop off in his quarters before departing. When the clone enters the room, he trips the laser sensor and the bomb that was intended for Windu goes off, killing the clone.
  • CT-1477 - A clone trooper who finds Boba within the Endurance's reactor chamber. Boba takes the trooper's blaster rifle from him and stuns him before lifting the safety and firing on the reactor consoles. The main reactor then explodes and CT-1477 is presumably killed in the explosion.
  • A hull breach results in two clone troopers being blown out into space.
  • While most of the crew of the Endurance abandon ship, Admiral Kilian and a number of clones remain onboard as the ship enters the atmosphere of Vanqor. It is unknown how many die in the crash landing.

2.21: R2 Come Home

This episode is set on Vanqor and continues where the previous episode left off.

  • Investigating the Endurance crash site, Mace and Anakin discover the bodies of two clone troopers. The clones hadn't died in the crash, but rather had been shot afterwards.
  • Anakin and Mace enter the bridge of the Endurance where they find two members of the clone command crew, both having been shot dead like the soldiers below.
  • R8-B7 - Mace Windu's astromech droid. It and R2-D2 are investigating the outside of the wreck of the Endurance when they are attacked by a pair of gundarks. R2 manages to escape, but the beasts grab R8 and tear it apart.
  • A bomb planted by Boba on the Endurance's bridge goes off, almost killing Anakin and Mace. While both the Jedi survive, a hull fragment is shaken loose by the explosion which falls upon and crushes one of the gundarks.
  • As Artoo reaches Anakin's fighter, the remaining gundark pounces and grabs him. Artoo manages to free himself and uses a cable to tie the gundark to the fighter. He then hovers above the cockpit and extends an arm to tap the ignition button for the ship's engines. The fighter rockets away, pulling the gundark with it until it crashes and explodes in the distance, killing the beast.