The T-RIP (Terminator Resistance Infiltrator Prototype) is the original prototype of the T-800 created by SkyNet. As the original T-800, the T-RIP possesses all of the capabilities of the models that succeed it. It is the first SkyNet unit to fully utilize cybernetic infiltration systems; the endoskeleton is surrounded by organic tissue allowing it to pass as a human being.

In Terminator: Salvation, the T-RIP is portrayed by Roland Kickinger (with a digital make-up of Arnold Schwarzenegger). SkyNet activates the T-RIP and commands it to kill John Connor when the future Resistance leader breaks into SkyNet Central in San Francisco. As John frantically searches the complex's detention area for Kyle Reese, the T-RIP - identical in appearance to the T-800's that protected him in the past - stands inside a cell and breaks out when John approaches. The cyborg killer pursues John through the complex, into a lab area where Kyle Reese is about to be branded for orderly disposal. Kyle manages to save himself and Star by jamming a hidden piece of metal into the back of a T-600's neck, causing it to malfunction and start firing its minigun wildly. The T-RIP destroys the malfunctioning T-600 by ripping its upper body off its legs, then tossing it aside.

John and Kyle run down into the complex's factory level to elude the T-RIP, but not before John unloads a few grenade rounds into the T-RIP, destroying its organic covering. John and Kyle rig several T-800 fuel cells to explode before John tells Kyle to get out while he keeps the T-RIP busy. Moments later, Marcus Wright arrives inside the factory to help John, but both humans struggle to defend themselves against the killing machine. At one point, Marcus is stunned after the T-RIP punches him in the heart and John is left crippled on the floor. He blasts a vat of molten metal behind the T-RIP and white hot steel pours over the android. John then punctures a pipe filled with nitrogen that the T-RIP walks under and the supercold gas freezes the liquid metal, trapping the android in place. As John tries to revive Marcus, the T-RIP breaks free of its frozen shell, grabs a jagged pipe and impales John in the back. Just then, Marcus comes around and takes the pipe out of John's back, then jams it into the T-RIP's neck, using it like a crowbar to prise the machine's head off, finally killing it.

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