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Talia al Ghul was a recurring antagonist of Batman in the DC Animated Universe, appearing in Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond. Like her comic book counterpart, she was the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and supported him in his efforts to bring ecological balance to the world by subjugating humanity. She was voiced by Helen Slater in Batman and by Olivia Hussey in Superman and Batman Beyond.

While Talia and Bruce Wayne came to blows many times, she also deeply loved him. Bruce even reciprocated these feelings, but due to Talia's loyalty to Ra's and the Society of Shadows, the two remained divided.

During an event known as the Near-Apocalypse of 2009, Batman and Ra's al Ghul fought one last time and Talia ended up helping Bruce in defeating Ra's. After this encounter, Ra's' body was too battered and broken for even the Lazarus Pit to heal, but he had developed a new means of prolonging his life: a machine that could implant his consciousness into another body. The machine would only work with a close genetic match, so Ra's had no choice but have his mind transferred to Talia's body. Ultimately still loyal to her father, Talia gave up her body to Ra's, her consciousness being erased by the machine. Talia was no more, but Ra's would reside in Talia's body for over 30 years before finally meeting his end in a conflict with Bruce and his protégé Terry McGinniss, the second Batman.