Tekeny Ghemor (portrayed by Lawrence Pressman) is a guest character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He appeared in the episodes "Second Skin" and "Ties of Blood and Water". He was a prominent Cardassian military officer who held the rank of Legate, but he was secretly heading a dissident movement against the Cardassian Central Command. Had a daughter named Iliana who had worked as an agent for the Obsidian Order, but she had disappeared whilst undercover on Bajor during the Occupation. The Obsidian Order, suspicious of Ghemor's involvement with the dissident movement, abducted Major Kira Nerys from Deep Space 9 in 2371 and had her surgically altered to appear like Iliana, intending to use her to expose Ghemor to the Central Command. This plan failed and ended quite positively for both Kira and Ghemor, who had established a friendship with each other. Ghemor, fearing that he would not see his daughter again, came to regard Kira as the closest thing to family he had left.


In 2373, Ghemor visited Kira on Deep Space 9 in response to Kira's proposal that he become the leader of a Cardassian opposition to the Cardassian/Dominion alliance. When Ghemor was asked what he thought about the proposal Kira had sent him, he had to decline, despite Kira's enthusiasm and arguments that he would be the best person to lead the opposition, perhaps even being able to counter the Cardassian Union's propaganda. It was then that Ghemor revealed he was suffering from Yarim Fel Syndrome, a terminal disease. Doctor Julian Bashir, at Kira's request, confirmed the diagnosis of Yarim Fel Syndrome. The disease had already spread throughout his body and Bashir could predict exactly how much time Ghemor had left. Though he advised Ghemor that there were some treatments available to them, such as hexadrin therapy, the prognosis was not good.

With little time left, Ghemor chose to pass on his political and military secrets to Kira. During his final days, Gul Dukat and Weyoun paid Ghemor a visit, hoping to silence him. They claimed that Ghemor had been exonorated of his political crimes and offered to let him return to Cardassia, but Ghemor refused to have his name sullied by Dominion propaganda. Dukat even attempted to turn Kira against him by giving her Ghemor's military history. Kira had previously been told that Ghemor had played no part during the Occupation of Bajor, but his record proved otherwise. In the end, Kira chose to disregard Ghemor's past and she remained at his bedside as he succumbed to his illness.

After his death, Ghemor's body was buried on Bajor, right next to the grave of Kira's own father.

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