This article contains details on all unamed minor characters and extras who die throughout the course of Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines.

  • The film's first casualty is a woman who spots a naked T-X in the street at the start of the film. Thinking the T-X is a young woman, she asks if she is alright. The T-X decides to take the woman's car and kills her off-screen, possibly by breaking her neck.
  • After taking her first victim's car, the T-X is later pulled over by a policeman. Using her polymimetic ability, the T-X enlarges her breasts to distract the cop. She then says to him "I like your gun". While it is not shown if the T-X killed the cop or not, it seems likely.
  • With a vehicle, clothing and firearm acquired, the T-X begins hunting down the targets on her kill list. The first is Jose Berrera, one of John Connor's future lieutenants, but at present is just a teen working at a fast-food drive-in. The T-X drives by Jose's window and shoots him.
  • The T-X next visits the home of Elizabeth and William Anderson, a pair of siblings who will also become Resistance members. They are throwing a party when the T-X calls and shoots Will after he answers the door. It is unknown whether or not the T-X also murdered the other party guests.
  • A woman visiting Kate Brewster's animal clinic is shot by the T-X, who mistakes the woman for Kate. The woman is not killed immediately, but probably would have died if she did not recieve medical attention in time.
  • Disguised as Scott Mason, the T-X is escorted by two detectives to try and find Kate. After they find out that Kate is at Victorville Cemetery, the T-X takes control of the car by thrusting its arm through the driver's seat, impaling the first detective and taking the wheel. It kills the other detective by smashing his head against the window.
  • When SkyNet takes control of CRS's T-1 robots, they go on a rampage and start gunning down everybody in sight.
  • The Terminator sneaks up behind a T-1 and disables it, then uses one of its gatling guns to destroy another T-1.
  • Kate destroys an HK-Drone by shooting it down with an AK-47.
  • At 6:18pm EST, SkyNet launches its nuclear attack. All major population centers across the planet are destroyed with over 4 billion people killed.
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