Terri Morales is a disgraced news reporter demoted to weather announcer on the Raccoon 7 News in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. She is portrayed by Sandrine Holt.


Terri is a former reporter who's false exposure of corruption in Raccoon City Hall ruined her news career, getting her demoted to weather announcement and causing her severe stress which led to her repeated use of antidepressant drugs. When the T-virus spread through Raccoon City, Terri managed to survive by clinging to RPD officers Jill Valentine and Peyton Wells. Throughout the whole ordeal, she carried a camcorder with her and recorded everything she saw, hoping it would win her an Emmy if she ever made it out of Raccoon alive. She stuck with the ex-S.T.A.R.S. member Jill until they travelled to Raccoon City Junior School to rescue Angela Ashford, where they split up to cover more ground. Although Jill gave Terri a gun, the weather-girl had never used one before and wouldn't get the chance to before meeting her violent end minutes later.


Entering a classroom in the school, Terri found a little girl huddled in the corner of the room, thinking it was Angela. Unfortunately, the girl was a zombie that was eating what little flesh was left on some scattered human bones. Terri reeled back in horror, not noticing that several other undead children had wandered into the classroom until she bumped into one. The girl then grabbed Terri's leg and bit her, causing her to fall and drop her camera. The zombified kids then overwhelmed her and Terri's camera, still running, recorded every second as the children ate her alive.


While Terri may not have survived the Raccoon City Disaster, Alice and the other survivors saved her camera, which had recorded clear footage of the incident, including Terri's own death. Jill Valentine attempted to use the tape to expose the Umbrella Corporation's illegal viral experiments, but Umbrella had connections everywhere including with the media, and used their influence to have the tape dismissed as a hoax and Jill and Carlos Olivera discredited. The truth about Umbrella would eventually come to light, but by then the entire world was being ravaged by a T-virus pandemic that threatened to destroy the entire human race.

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