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The Albino (portrayed by Bill Bolender) is an alien criminal who appears in the Star Trek: DS9 episode "Blood Oath". A ruthless pirate who launched numerous raids against Klingon colonies in the late 23rd century, he was responsible for murdering the sons of the three legendary Klingon Dahar masters Kang, Kor and Koloth. The three Dahar masters, along with Curzon Dax who was godfather to Kang's son, swore a blood oath to take revenge on the Albino.

80 years later, Kang came across information on the Albino's whereabouts. Dax, currently hosted by its eighth host Jadzia, was initially refused to join the quest for vengeance since it was Curzon, the Trill symbiont's previous host, who had taken the blood oath, and a Trill host does not take on the responsibilities or debts of former hosts. Jadzia was adamant about joining the Klingons and managed to convince Kang to let her come by angering him.

During the mission, Jadzia used her scientific expertise to help the Dahar masters disable the defences in the Albino's base. A bloody battle took place inside the main compound and Kang and the Albino fought to the death. The Albino appeared to win the duel, stabbing Kang in the gut. However, Jadzia approached the Albino and held a bat'leth sword to his throat. The Albino wasn't impressed or intimidated by the beautiful woman standing before him and did not believe that she had the nerve to cut him down. As it turned out, Jadzia was saving the death blow for Kang, who was still holding on to life. As the Albino mocked Jadzia's apparent inability to kill in cold blood, Kang drove his dk'tahg dagger into the villain's side and killed him.